A new low for Canadian journalism

Today, the Prime Minister of Canada had a press conference to announce the vision for Canada by the three times elected PM. Stunningly, the media decided instead to go to an NDP press conference … well I will let you read it in the words of the person who sent me the email.

Below, the video of the PM speaking about this year’s ambitions for the government which Canadians at home will probably not get to see on their TV’s. Yet another reason to defund the CBC.

From Fred DeLorey
Director, Political Operations
Conservative Party of Canada

You won’t believe what the Press Gallery just did in Ottawa.

Some media decided to boycott an important speech by our Prime Minister – one where he laid out his vision for our country, before today’s Speech from the Throne.

Rather than send cameras to cover the Prime Minister’s speech, they attended the NDP’s meeting, and were welcomed with cheers and applause. We knew they wouldn’t give us fair coverage – but this is a new low for the Ottawa media elite.

Since you won’t see this speech on the evening news, we’ve updated our website with video from our Prime Minister’s speech:



Fred DeLorey

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3 Replies to “A new low for Canadian journalism”

  1. Hello there…..its me again……Don Laird….

    A conservative government doing the best job of governance in well over 60 years.

    A Conservative government given the Herculean task of turning back the tide of socialist liberal leftism, given the task of repairing the damages and ravages of Liberal governance, given the daunting task of providing one of the greatest nations/democracies in the Western world stewardship through what are some of the most turbulent, unpredictable, unstable and dangerous times in the history of the world……and in all of that, acquitting themselves of that crushing burden in spectacular fashion.

    Our economy the envy of the world, a magnet for economists and finance Ministers the world over……..this and so very much more.

    And this….all of this reaps the bastard child of sneering Leftist malice, The Mainstream Media, and their spectacular and certainly inimitable childish temper tantrum found in licking the asses of the Media Elite…..the NDP, a sorry collection of self entitled, cuckolded, perverted, incompetents and criminally unqualified.

    Business as usual.

    I learned all I needed to know about Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party on this day……


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    PS: we have our differences, make no mistake, immigration from Islamic countries for starters…..but all in all, I am proud I voted for the Conservative Party and will continue to do so……..

  2. This man is normal. The difference in character to America’s and the European Politicians is remarkable. The Manchurian Candidate has not yet arrived.

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