News links for Oct. 16 2013 – 3

1. Rather good evidence that the EU is exactly as corrupt and antidemocratic as its most strident critics insist it is.

2. Syria conflict: Christians ‘fleeing homes‘ (It appears even BBC can spot a genocide once its nearly finished)

3. SPeaking of Syrian Christians: The damage done to ‘Syria’s oldest church’ seen first hand

4. Bombs planted in confessional box of Syrian church

Bombs have been planted in the confessional box of one of the world’s oldest churches in a Syrian town hailed as the country’s last remaining centre of religious tolerance, Syria’s most senior Christian leader has disclosed.

5. And now for some good news: “Marine Le Pen: EU will collapse like the Soviet Union”

Marine Le Pen, buoyed by a weekend by-election triumph in southern France, criticised the EU as a “global anomaly” and pledged to return the bloc to a “cooperation of sovereign states”.

She said Europe’s population had “no control” over their economy or currency, nor over the movement of people in their territory.

6. Egyptian foreign minister says relations with US are in ‘turmoil’ following military aid cuts


Thank you Fjordman, EDL Buck, and all for your vigilance.

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  1. #1 This sounds like what the Dems do all the time.

    #5 She is right, all socialist controlled governments are on the verge of collapsing.

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