West end suburb of Ottawa opens massive Islamic ‘multi faith’ infiltration center

I call it infiltration because it bears mentioning that before Islam began it’s newest offensive on the rest of the world, no one needed any ‘interfaith’ or ‘outreach’ centers. Everything was just damn fine the way it was. We all ‘reached out to each other’ via business, dating and marriage, jokes and movies and food. It is only because of Islam and its overt and covert programs of supremacy and violence and the constant threat of violence that ‘outreach’ is even a term. For that matter, it seems to me that it is more another way of delivering veiled threats, (and thats not a pun in this case, its a double entendre) than it is a way of developing community cohesion.

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Yahoo News: New centre brings Christians, Jews, Muslims together

The Intercultural Dialogue Centre opened in Kanata Saturday after work by Turkish-Islamic scholar Edip Yavuz Zeybek.

Zeybek, also chairman of the group Intercultural Dialogue Ottawa, helped organize the $3 million building with funding from Turkish Canadians and other sources.

Links found here at Iron Burka

Website for this Turkish initiative, probably similar to the US Gulen schools of Islamic and Islamist indoctrination here.

Youtube page full of videos of this org. here.

Organization’s sickening and saccharin propaganda video. Personally I couldn’t get past the first few seconds because it makes a patently untrue claim right at the start as one finds little to no diversity in Muslim lands. Yet it forces the notion of accepting every anathema culture on the rest of us with shovels full of wild honey.


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  1. Here’s an idea, yes, let’s reach out to the muslim community! October is not only, and until recently, “officially” recognized as Islamic History Month (as was so ostentatiously and sanctimoniously evident at the Ottawa Police Service who know nothing about Islam).

    October is also better known as “NATIONAL PORK MONTH”.


    Introduce the foreigner who refused to integrate, to the Canadian or American way of life that the foreigner should, by now, be accustomed to, so that the foreigner can thank pork producers for enriching their lives – NOT with fungas-ridden footbaths or constant prayers to, as per Vlad, Mohammed’s “imaginary friend Allah” to destroy us Westerners, or gruesome beheadings, flayings, hangings, stonings, lashings, female genital mutlitations, honour killings, and whatever other innovative form of torture practiced in Islam that muslims enjoy doing to the non-believer or apostates, that they export to their host country and that disgusts us to no end – but with something truly nice, simple, down to earth and most certainly delectable that addresses our basic feelings of hunger and puts a smile on real humans’ faces.

  2. And to strengthen the bonds of understanding with an earlier immigrant community, Canadian Muslims could wash down those pork sausages with Oktoberfest lager.

    I don’t see anything about those “other sources” of funding on the Intercultural Dialogue Institute webpage.

    There is a video of the ground breaking ceremony in Kanata at Iron Burka. Bob Wilson, on the board of directors of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the government of Ontario, says things are getting underway with a Capital Community Fund Grant. The $500,000 grant covers half the cost.

    Mr. Wilson says the Ottawa Trillium foundation has an “attitude” to build healthier and more vibrant Ontarians. He is especially happy that children will be able to take advantage of the multi-faith centre.

  3. The propaganda video is every bit as untakeable as the opening seconds suggest. Dialogue, solidarity, coexist, “the free exchange of opinions and ideas within a respectful framework” etc. etc.

    Around 3:00 it features the Toronto Chief of Police reminding us to “remember the lessons we have learned through inter-cultural dialogue and learning from each other.” He credits CIDC with helping him understand his city better and making him a better police chief.

    CIDC was what Toronto IDI was called at the time. The “I” was “Interfaith,” then it became “Intercultural.” “In July 2013 it was re-branded as IDI GTA to represent the whole Greater Toronto Area.”

    IDI’s many, many activities include something called the Parliament Hill Dialogue and Friendship Program, “reaching out to the members of government, ambassadors, businessmen, academics and community leaders as a means to build bridges.” Social cohesion, intellectual exchange, halls of academia, etc. etc.

    The Speaker of the House of Commons and the Mayor of Ottawa also lavish praise on the IDI. Sounds like you can win a trip to Turkey by playing along though.

    These are very busy people.

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