News links for Oct. 12 2013 – 3

1. NGO Reveals Grim Reality of Child Marriages in Iran

Last year alone in Iran, 1,537 girls below the age of 10 and 29,827 girls between the ages of 10 and 14 were registered for marriage. In other words, every 15 minutes one innocent life is forced into a marriage that may result in the arrest of her development and her life to be threatened through mental and physical abuse and other forms of violence.

2. Catalonia: Two and a half years in prison for internet “statements that rejected immigration and multiculturalism”

(How long before they call anti-communists Nazis and jail them? My guess is they already did in this case)

3. Paul Weston on Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll’s current moves. 

4. New York: Two Muslims charged with aiding Taliban; wanted U.S. soldiers killed and “cut to pieces”

5. Almost 50 anti-Assad fighters killed due to infighting between jihadis and actual FSA soldiers. 

graphic video of a band of tards holding up someone’s head and ranting in scribbly 

6. Iraq car bomb targeting shoppers kills 17

The blast in Samarra came as people shopped ahead of the biggest Muslim holiday of the year, Eid al-Adha, which begins later this week.

Thank you Shabnam, Fjordman, M, and all who sent in these links and more. It is always much appreciated by all.

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  1. 3/ The Sun TV Michael Coren take on the Tommy Robinson business was the worst segment I’ve seen from Coren.

    He makes fun of Robinson’s accent – “Did we need subtitles for that, I’m not sure!” All right. But then he interviews a shifty-eyed spokesman for the Quilliam Foundation named Jonathan Russell who says Robinson finally grew to the stage where he could accept the “journey” he was on and “called out to Quilliam, to Maajid Nawaz to help him.”

    Russell stammers on this vein for six minutes more. Coren interrupts to ask if the “extremism” problem in Britain isn’t mostly a problem with “a fanatical wing of Islam,” but then agrees that the EDL only make Muslims more extreme because of “symbiosis.” Coren ends by hoping that in the future we get a Canadian version of Quilliam.

    Confusion reigns.

  2. Listen as Quilliam’s rep, Jonathan Russell stumbles in his response to Michael Coren & unwittingly reveals a bit of the backstory in TR’s defection from the EDL starting at the 12:30 mark:

    ” But IF WE HAD NOT TAKEN this opportunity AND we had ALLOWED these two men TO CONTINUE their leadership of the EDL and then in six months time or in twelve months time the EDL had grown to a much stronger position that had made OUR JOB harder or had even created violence then I think we would not be able to look at ourselves honestly and in ease at what we had done everything we could to challenge extremism.”

    It appears the months TR spent in lock up he was closely studied for an avenue of weakness for the government’s coercive methods.
    The “tells” are highlighted above noting the government funded Quilliam rep refers to ‘their job’ ‘allowing’ further success of the EDL.This perfectly groomed statist [for he is as well groomed mentally/psychically as the young non Muslim girls have been groomed for prostitution by the Islamic community of Britain] clown doesn’t/refuses recognize the violence inherent in Islamic scripture or it’s connection to ALL the violence coming from the Islamic community in Britain. Just as the Muslim community insists it will mold British society, so does this cartoonish character in a nice suit. His concern was about ‘permitting’ the EDL’s further ‘success’ would make his ‘job’ more difficult. Quilliam is a state funded org. and he is apparently sufficiently well paid to bring the British to heel to Islam’s demands. Treason.

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