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13 Replies to “Marine Le pen on illegal immigration to Europe.”

  1. If her party gets more power Obama might take military action in order to side with Muslims.
    I wonder really how far will he go?

  2. The sad truth is that the majority of French politicians would side with the arabs/muslims too, many of them are now. I have never seen any politician being hounded as much as Marine LePen was, by media, other politicians, leftists, centrists, just about everyone – from the beginning. Yet she stood firm…and slowly it’s thinking in that she actually has the “people” behind her.
    I love her! If she were a man I would wanna marry her ! 😉

  3. Believe it, I’m not the only Yank to have disliked the French. More than a little.
    But now they’re in the cross-hairs, again. By their own doing, again. & I’d fight – once again – for the country Marine LePin represents.

  4. le Pen is the type of French citizen that the world can support, unfortunately the left has such a control of the MSM around the world that she will be destroyed on the world stage before she can gain power in France.

    Yes Obama would side with the Moslems, I am not sure which side the Dems in Congress would support.

  5. Remember North America needs a free and independent Europe and Britain as much as they need a free and independent North America.

  6. My apologies the above opinion was in reference to our ‘Dear Leader” in his love affair w/ the Brotherhood. In the 10/12/13 report.

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