News links for Oct. 11 2013 – 4

1. Here is an article from July 23 2013 about a man that many of us have noticed in the past few days. Might be worth revisiting this article now that we are aware of the Quilliam Foundation and some of its membership.

2. Just another video exposing more massive penetration of the US government by the Muslim Brotherhood. Its almost not even news anymore. That is, unless you care about preserving the US as a constitutional democracy.

3. Kerry lauds multi-faith Malaysia as model for world

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry lauded Malaysia Friday as a modern, innovative and multi-faith model for the world, heaping praise on a country the United States regards as a valuable Muslim ally.

On the final day of a curtailed Asian tour in which he has filled in for U.S. President Barack Obama, Kerry said Malaysia’s young people were an inspiration for the Arab Spring.

4. Another ship of illegal immigrants has disaster off the coast of Italy. Many die. Please see what Marine Le Pen said about it. 

video – BBC – Hardship for Lampedusa refugees

5. Pope bought phone cards for migrants, says archbishop

H/T Richard, M, Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita, Taffy in Canada, and many more.

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7 Replies to “News links for Oct. 11 2013 – 4”

  1. 1/ Maajid Nawas looks like the vice-president of the future Islamic Republic of Britain.

    2/ It shouldn’t be news but for almost every American I meet it still is.

    In the case of an American Muslim, I got, “Who? Who?” and a smirk like I’m an idiot for thinking a “Muslim Brotherhood” exists.

    3/ The Muslim idea of a level playing field is one that is perfectly flat, only tipped up on the Muslim side. The Obama administration agrees.

  2. 1/ Convicted or not, my street experience of these rats bars me from ever having trust in them, let alone to vote for them. It is noteworthy that the best rated comments on that Daily Mail article are very much in favor of this guy.

  3. RE ; # 4 MS. Le Pen is correct, The bleeding hearts in the political class in the EU does not have to foot the bill for the horde of migrants from Africa, the ME and Asia. The cost will be ‘beaten’ out of an already over taxed citizenry, who are already suffering as victims of crimes committed by these new arrivals. Every country has a right to it’s borders, culture and way of life.

  4. #3 John Kerry is a liar.

    He is relying on the American people not knowing much about Malaysia.

    The ethnic Chinese minority is persecuted by the Malaysian government. It is not persecute to the extent of the Copts, but they are denied political power and if they want to form companies they must do so with politically connected Malaysians, who do little, but reap large amounts of money.

    Hindus fewer in number fair no better than the Chinese.

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