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2 Replies to “Zuhdi Jasser and former CIA, Mike Baker on FOX: Scrubbing the Islam out of Islamic terror”

  1. If radical Islam is mentions more people will start taking a hard look at all of Islam and discover that the “radicals” are following the Koran and that the “moderates’ are the true radicals trying to reform and soften Islam. Personally I don’t think the moderates stand a chance of changing Islam.

  2. ‘moderate islam’ ?? made up of: bigfoot & his immediate family, zuhdi jasser & family and his half dozen friends…don’t know any other muzzie that is not an instant away from their jihad moment..
    folks..when you sign on the line to be a muslim you are extreme. you accept all the extremism
    of islam..otherwise you would not be a muslim…does that sound too complicated ??

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