News links for Sept. 25 2013 – 2

1. Very interesting article on how Indonesia is becoming more intolerant as it becomes more classically Islamic today. Note how the article points out that historically, Indonesia came to be Islamic not through the sword, so it was more cautious. At the end of the day, it makes no difference.

2. This is a story that needs us to follow it. One brave police officer actually decided to use his 1st amendment rights in the US and has been sorely punished for it. He is utterly correct when he says that the state may not oblige him to attend or endorse a religious group or event. Yet he was punished for this refusal to attend an Islamic center.

3. There was a comment a few days ago from a Vlad reader (I am sorry I don’t remember exactly who now) who asked about whether or not there are meetings and organizations to actually try and do something to counter the massive (mostly Muslim Brotherhood) islamic machinery bent on destroying our laws, cultures and values. The answer is yes indeed we do have such meetings and groups. One of them is currently convening in Warsaw as I type and the videos and notes of these speakers and results will be appearing here and on other sites over the next few days as they are received and edited for clarity and brevity. There is an outside chance one may even be ready late tonight. But over the next few days for sure.

4. Another piece of totalitarian legislation working its way through the large intestines of the EU machinery which I bet the vast majority of Europeans have no idea exist. “Free Speech? For me but not for thee.” -The new EU Stalinists

5. This is the woman who most Obama voters actually think is Sarah Palin. I really mean that. When I ask lefties what they do not like about Mrs. Palin they always quote Tina Fey with no shred of humour. They really think it was Sarah who said: “I can see Russia from my house”. Just so we are clear, this is the woman that probably won the first election for Barack Obama. 

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  1. #1 All Islamic nations are becoming more intolerant as the jihadists get closer to their goal of a new Caliphate.

    #2 This case shows how much control of our local governments the left has, 20 years ago or longer this would have never happened and 10 years ago there would have been a massive out turning of support.

    #4 The EU was established by the far left to be the center of a world wide socialist government, before that can happen all resistance tot he EU and socialism must be destroyed.

    #5 Vlad you are right, she probably won the election for Obama and the media that never bothered to correct anyone on the see Russia comment helped.

  2. #1

    Back about 10 years ago or slightly longer Time, Newsweek or U.S. News & World Report actually wrote a truthful article. I think it was Time.

    The story was called “The Safest Place in Pakistan the Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq International Airport”.

    It was a story about how the safest place for an Ahmadi was at the airport emigrating from the country.

    An Ahmadi is one Muslim sect, whose adherents I would have no problem living next to them. What makes the Ahmadi good neighbors is probably the same thing that makes them soon to be extinct at the hands other “good” Muslims.

    I think of the Ahmadi as more like Bahia or Sikhs, tolerant of others.

  3. FAIL! Face Palm :/

    Search terms +ahmadiyya +Airport Safest Place bangladesh +Airport

    I know it was either Pakistan or Bangladesh. I am pretty sure it was an article in one of the formerly big 3 magazines.

  4. I did find this. I did not know that Pakistan was so F_____.

    So some tards want to persecute Christians 3%
    Shia 25%
    Hindus _%

    The tards should think carefully if they want to start a war or even a pogrom. Things could get dicey fast for the former case and the economy would go to sh__ in the latter case.

    The persecutors are richer and better off than the oppressed already. They want to take their last few possessions. there is no difference between them and an ape in that regard.

  5. #5 Tina Fey’s body looks weird. Is that the major artery running from her heart to the femoral artery? Never seen one stand out that much.

  6. #4
    (i) This definition covers “blood libels” and anti-Semitic slurs, as well
    as allegations that, e.g., “gypsies are thieves” or “Moslems are

    Not all gypsies are thieves. But if you use as a general rules you will be correct more often than you are wrong. Irish Travelers who are WHITE & European are in the same league. It is not their ancestry that is the problem. It is their lifestyle choice.

    If my kids called me up and said someone came by their house saying they had a great deal on drive way repaving or a roof job, I would tell them to politely and firmly to tell them No. I would suspect Irish Travelers or someone similar. Heck even 60 Minutes did a piece on them.

    Liberals are so effing stupid. The problem with these people is they see outsiders (everyone not of their group) as marks to be milked of all their money. they are transient and contribute nothing to society.

  7. 5. McCain won the election for Obama when he quit his campaign to look like a fool when he went back to Washington to save the world to twiddle his thumbs. Before the collapse in Wall street they were ahead in the polls.

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