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13 Replies to “After 9/11: Is the West Protecting Radical Islam?”

  1. Our leftist leaders are probably protecting radical Islam so they can use it to tear down the west enough so they can achieve their goal of a one world socialist utopia. There are two problems with that approach, 1) the Moslems know they are being used and are using the left in their goal of building a world wide caliphate. 2) The coming economic collapse will convience the thinking people that all forms of Marxism are too evil to allow in power.

  2. Or our leaders have secretly converted to Islam, and are lying to defend it. That would be normal.

    Chesterton’s book “The Flying Inn” comes to mind.

  3. No liberals will look at this newscast and believe it.

    They will link CBN News to Pat Robertson and then autodump.

    The Testimony by the Norwegian psychologist, the rape statistics that they could,if they wanted to independently verify, .. all will be dismissed.

    I never heard of Dale Hurd before. He did a credible job. But we will be ignored.

  4. @Richard.

    The Left probably think that they can convince all those ignorant little Muslims to give up their silly superstitions and convert to Socialism. After all, the Muslims are only violent towards us because of Western imperialism, right? If you help the Muslims and show kindness to them, then they’ll become friends with you, won’t they? They only believe in God because they’re not educated. Give them a little socialist education and they’ll pack in all that religious nonsense. After all, no intelligent person could ever believe that a god exists!

    The Left are in for a shock. Once they have outlived their usefulness, the Muslim cobra will turn round and bite. The Left will be the victims who suffer the most because they will be unprepared, incapable of fighting, and completely ignorant of what Islam is all about. They already think that Islam is a religion of peace because they can’t be bothered to read the Koran or the Hadiths. They don’t read religious scripture because it’s all nonsense, and nobody could ever take it seriously. Terrorism only occurs because poor little Muslims are frustrated by the World’s constant Islamophobia.

    We, on the other hand, will be prepared. We understand Islam, we understand taqiyya and the deceit that Muslims use and we already know not to trust them. We know their weaknesses and we know their tactics. We would be in a position to defeat them now, if the Left didn’t keep hampering us and tying our hands up!

  5. Bob you are right, and in the US if push come to shove the vast majority of vets, aka trained people, are conservative. The left is in for a world of hurts in the future and as I said will probably be out of power for a century or better.

  6. Day in and day out it sickens me to observe the absolute Groveling, pandering, and but kissing by the lackeys, lapdogs,and sycophants of Islam in the MSM and the political class. Yes they are making it very easy for the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ to operate within our society without question. I’ve been called paranoid for suggesting that they are building an ever growing ‘fifth column’ in the West. However just follow the money to see who is financing this migration. This political Correctness (i.e. a form of Marxism) will soon bring many EU countries to ruin followed by the USA and Canada if we are not careful.

  7. Muslims dictators were socialist in part in the 1950s thru the 1970s. That ship has sailed.

    Anyone expecting a repeat of history in the same exact way is a fool.

  8. Frank I hate to say it but I don’t see anyway the entire worlds economy isn’t going to collapse, we are too tightly tied together and no government is doing what they should, they have given the voters a free lunch and now can’t take it back. The turmoil is going to be beyond most peoples imagination when the collapse starts.

  9. Richard, I sadly have to agree with you, these poor excuses for representatives in our governments just keep borrowing and printing money endlessly. The USA is in hock not just to China but also Japan, many EU and Arab countries. It has been said that” the borrower is the slave to the lender”. When things go bad and the notes are due I foresee a drastic change for the worst, possibly a total breakdown of the civil order as we know it.

  10. Frank I don’t think things are going to wait long enough for the notes to come due, things seem to be headed to a big explosion/implosion well before the bonds are due.

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