Quebec and the proposed charter for secularism in Government.

Today the contents of the proposed new law for Quebec was released. The reactions have been varied with the strongest opposition coming from Canada’s federal minister of immigration, a man who has let in more Muslims to Canada than any and possibly all governments before him who stridently opposed it claiming that all religious values, customs and traditions are honored in Canada, or something similar to that.

More telling are the comments under the various articles published in national or large regional newspapers about this issue. It seems that a large majority of those that commented actually get the issue and most feel that every other benign religious group is taking the heat for Islam, which is transparently the real problem here.

I will post a few links to major dailies on this story but its worth scanning the comments under the articles as much as the articles themselves. I would not be at all surprised if Canada starts going the way of the UK and starts to force newspapers to close certain ‘sensitive’ stories to comments as it exposes and encourages Canadians who have figured out what Islam is all about and wish to express their personal disgust with it.

The National Post:

The Globe and Mail:

Toronto Sun:

There will be a lot more soon. I am looking for a video from Charles Adler tonight on SUN who did a great interview (I am told) with a Quebec radio host, who spelled it out. That this really about wanting to ban face coverings. So all religions have to suffer.

Makes me wonder though. If Nazis were a problem in Quebec would they ban all political parties? If communists were destroying and undermining everything, would they ban all symbols and references to economic systems? I highly doubt it. So what is so damn special about religion? The ones that do not contradict the law you allow. The ones that do, you stomp on. It should be simple.

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  1. Thanks for the work you’re doing to help bring more Canadians to their senses. It’s encouraging to see in the comments on this story in the major dailies that many people do get it. Many others will get that smack in the face from reality eventually that helps to clear the head and start the dot-connecting.

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