but who organized the Montreal Muslim youth conference?

Yes it was cancelled for security concerns, but who’s security?

First let me thank “Watsilavit” for making this video. It is clearly a lot of work but also well done and important. Second, the translators and editors, Gatesofvienna.net who did the bulk of the editing and translating and Christian Brunet Levitan who did the French transcription.

Here are links to some of the sources used for the video:

Youtube link 1

Youtube Link 2

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3 Replies to “but who organized the Montreal Muslim youth conference?”

  1. My observation on this video , that they treat their women and children like cattle and chattel, They want everything their way, and in Canada as in the US there is no shortage of groveling lackeys, lapdogs,sycophants, and apologists of Islam in the political class and the MSM. Many sadly in our governments have prostituted themselves to these questionable groups for a few cheap votes. These same foolish dupes will by crying the blues when a large number of ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ gain seats in all levels of government. It will take some time but they have large families and migrate in for this reason. If everyone just sits on their ass and does nothing the tipping point is a just few decades away.

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