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6 Replies to “But who is supplying Al Qaeda etc. in Syria?”

  1. I know it’s blasphemy to say this but I think that Barack Obama is just plain stupid. Yes, he has a really convincing persona and comes across as the most reasonable person in the world, but I think he’s Ted Baxter. Joe Biden is Ted Baxter too, for that matter. Actually, John Kerry is one of the biggest Ted Baxters I can think of. You’d never convince a lefty that “The Harvard Law Professor”, which he is not, could be a dimwit, but how else do you explain his getting so taken in by the Muslim Brotherhood? By the time he’s out of office, Americans might not be allowed into Egypt at all. How could the whole bunch of them, McCain included, not know that the Muslim Brotherhood are the biggest terrorist organization on earth? How could it be so clear to a nobody like me, and such a bloody mystery to people with access to the best intelligence on the planet? I guess all their advisors graduated from those Saudi-funded Islamic Studies programs.

    If the Americans, Republican and Democrat, can’t grasp anything that isn’t happening in Ohio, then they should stay the hell out of world affairs and stay in Ohio. Honestly! How could anybody be so dumb as to trust the Muslim Brotherhood? That’s like when the guy says, “Give me the money, and I’ll be right back with the dope – you wait here.”. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

  2. Turkey, eh? Didn’t the now deceased Ambassador Stephens meeting with a Turkish ambassador in Benghazi just moments before that fateful night 9/11/2012? Those rumors on this administration’s weapons trafficking to al-qaeda are becoming more plausible with every new report.

  3. Malaysia rounds up thousands of migrant workers (BBC, Sept 2, 2013)
    “The authorities in Malaysia have detained 2,500 migrants in a campaign to deport some half a million illegal immigrants. Tens of thousands of police, soldiers and local enforcement personnel are taking part in Malaysia’s largest round-up of foreign workers. Many of the workers come from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Burma. Human rights groups have expressed concern about possible abuse of the detainees….”

  4. It sickens me to see how many of our ‘esteemed’ representatives and Senators have become eunuchs and are just ‘going along’ with our ‘Dear Leader” and his pathetic and clueless foreign policy. We are being lied to big time.

  5. Chris you are right about their stupidity but I think Obama and Kerry (I don’t know about Biden) are actively working to destroy the US.

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