News and links for Sept. 2 2013 – 2

1. Thomas Hammarberg, Swedish EU Commissioner for Human Rights wants to take all the Guantanamo inmates as they are in danger if returned to their home countries.  H/T Toblerone

2. BBC Inside Out. The hidden world of Muslim forcing Sikh girls into sexual slavery. (At last, a narrative that doesn’t make the BBC’s gorge rise. Non-white victims)

3.Breaking: Two Palestinians arrested after failed attack on Ben Gurion Airport.  (J Post) and more here at Twitchy

4. Syrian ‘Rebels’ execute pro-Govt. people.

4b. How is Syria a civil war?


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  1. #4 They put black bags over their victim’s heads? It has to be to dehumanize them or to prevent the wider world from knowing the identity of their victims so readily. I am sure the victim’s families are well aware that their loved ones are dead.

    The Nazis used gas chambers because shooting people was logistically difficult and it was taking a psychological toll on the executioners. So I wonder if these jihadis could look their victims n the eyes time after time after time. I am sure some can. I am equally sure that some would be revulsed by it, give it up, quit or turn. Pretty much though their compadres will give them “moral” support for them to keep up the dirty work and reboot them if they lose faith in stupidity and tyranny.

    # 4B Wow, the contrast was pointed out so well.

  2. I dont know the suiting idiom… Something like out of the frying pan into the fire?

    New charges laid against Pakistan ex-leader Musharraf (BBC, Sept 2, 2013)
    “New murder charges have been registered against Pakistan’s former military ruler Musharraf, officials say. Mr Musharraf, who is currently under house arrest, already faces murder charges over the deaths of Bhutto and a Baloch tribal leader. He also faces charges over his attempt to sack Pakistan’s higher judiciary in 2007 and the government has said it will try him for treason … The latest charge relates to the death of radical cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi, during the siege of Islamabad’s Red Mosque in 2007. More than 100 people were killed when Pakistani troops stormed the mosque after a stand-off between troops and hardline Islamists barricaded inside failed. Analysts say that the storming of the mosque angered hardliners and provoked Taliban militants to launch a bloody campaign of suicide bombings and other attacks on government and security forces…”

  3. #2 Sikh girls being groomed.
    That is the best most effective recruiting information for the Sikh arm of The EDL.
    One criticism is that the sub titling is awful.
    It’s not often that the BBC do something to help raise awareness of the reality of what is happening here in England with regards to islam.
    Perhaps the tide is turning. I do so hope that this is the case.
    Thanks Vlad.

  4. I’d like to point out that the Syian boys look professional, in some cases handsome and others look like GQ models. There’s a dashing Looking fellow second left.

    The Rebels look like asylum inmates.

  5. These executions are war crimes. They have been going on since Arabs invaded Syria under the faux banner of Rebellion. No wonder Assad had to use measures.

  6. There among the Syrian army platoon, a sense of camaraderie that comes to soldiers who know that they are fighting for a good cause, as opposed to the murderous and genocidal thugs that we are supporting.

  7. Yet again we see the use of “grooming” as if Muslims were taking the girls out to a beauty parlour. The BBC yet cannot state the truth that Muslims were gang raping young girls.

  8. re:#1 If Sweden is allowed to take all these Gitmo inmates, then they will be eligible to Swedish and thus EU passports. This will give these dangerous Jihadis free access to Europe and the West.

  9. #1. My compatriot Swedes have really shown their teeth lately. First the “feminist” Hijab-solidarity-story, now the invitation of Guantanamo prisoners (Dagens Nyheter is the leading Swedish newspaper.). DP111 – of course you are right.
    Tomorrow, President Obama will visit Stockholm. What’s next?

  10. Sweden offers residency to all Syrian refugees

    Swedish migration authorities have ruled that all Syrian asylum seekers who have come to Sweden will be granted permanent residency in light of the worsening conflict in Syria.

    The decision means that the roughly 8,000 Syrians who have temporary residency in Sweden will now be able to stay in the country permanently.

    They will also have the right to bring their families to Sweden.

  11. You can actually see that the Syrian squad is at ease with itself, they look like good men. They also look like brothers, cousins and distant relatives. The picture below! Rabble.

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