News and links for Sept 1 2013 – 3

1. Egypt’s Morsi ‘To Stand Trial Over Deaths’

(Think Obama will be a witness for the defense?)

More here

2. Bashir Assad’s grandfather’s amazing 1936 letter to France 

Arabic media has discovered an article written last year by Dr. Mordechai Kedar where he translated a letter co-written by Bashir Assad’s grandfather, praising the Jews of Palestine and expressing fear of what would happen to an Alawite minority in an independent Syria ruled by Muslim fanatics.

3. Man claims he was ‘left for dead’ after Blackburn attack.

(All involved are ‘Asians’

4. A lengthy list of Obama violations of the US constitution

5. Egypt expels Al Jazeera journalists in crackdown on Qatari channel

(And we should too)

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  1. RE; # 5 Not to worry so far viewership of Al Jizz is very low, I hope these shills and propagandists for the MB, the Wahabbi $audi$, and the rest of the Muslim supremacists go broke on their American adventure. there are already too many alleged ‘news’ channels on cable TV, many with piss poor viewership and ratings.

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