News and links for Sept. 1 2013 – 2

1. CBC coverage of the cancelation of the muslim youth conference in Montreal. Notice the sophistry by muslim spokespeople. The issue of course was not controlling what people say outside Canada as they claim, but that they invite people with a certain message inside Canada to speak.

2. Saudi Arabia religious police centre attacked

Arson attack on a Saudi religious police centre in Riyadh on Saturday.

Riyadh: Unknown attackers tried to set fire to a religious police centre in Riyadh in an “intentional” attack, causing no casualties, local media reported on Sunday.

The body, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, is charged with ensuring compliance with the kingdom’s interpretation of Islam-based morality, but is often accused of abuses.

3. Algeria siege: ‘I wore a necklace bomb’ BBC

4. US Govt. may have a work-around to arrest Pastor Terry Jones for his koran burning stunt. 

(Whatever anyone may think of Pastor Jones, he is an American citizen exercising his US 1st amendment constitutional rights.)

5. A little peek at the values and views the headline acts invited to the Montreal muslim youth meeting espouse.

[…] He has also said that “his sisters” must wear the hijab, because “refusing the headscarf is worse than having cancer or AIDS, because not wearing it means you go to hell”.

Thank you M, CB sashenka Fjordman and many more already today for your links.



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  1. The speakers from France are salafis. They preach that the hijab is obligatory (Saudi style black abaya), that a woman cannot go out of her house without her mahram (guardian), that she cannot refuse to have sex with her husband unless she has a valid reason; that she must not tell anyone if her husband mistreats her, given her duty to uphold the honor of her husband.

    This is justification for marital rape, marital abuse and honor crimes. Since Ottawa is spending taxpayers money on honor crimes prevention, it does not make sense to allow foreign speakers to propagate the ideology leading to such crimes.

    Furthermore, the Conference is organized by Muslims Student Associations with links to radical mosques controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim World League.

    This video (in French) is viral in Quebec.

  2. The religious police were set up by the Saudi royal family to placate holier than thou busy bodies in the kingdom.

    The Royals would probably like to turn back the clock, since these people without job skills, meaningful jobs, hobbies, you get the picture area pox on Saudi Arabia every bit as much as some inquisitors were to various Popes.

    Some Popes gave mealy mouthed, beating around the bush rebukes to some inquisitors. But those same inquisitors being the psychopathic “I’ve got official sanction for my sadism” type person knew that if the Pope explicit;y called them on their abuses then a public trial would look bad. So they ignored the Popes.

    All in all I hope some of the average Saudis do to these “church ladies” what happened to the inquisitors. That is unknown knight rode up , slew them, disappeared and non one knew nothing.

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