(muslim) groups do AK47 spray down of Marseilles night club in France

Its stunning how fast this kind of thing becomes the new normal. Before massive amounts of islamic immigration, a story like this would have dominated the headlines world wide in civilized countries possibly for months and its an event that everyone would remember some aspect of. Now, its boiler-plate.

Note from translator: “Pity – Marseille used to be a great place”

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  1. Extreme situations call for extreme solutions. Religious situations call for religious solutions. Christians should no longer waste time fighting gay marriage and euthanasia, but boldly proclaim the Trinity: “One Islam, four Schools? One God, three Persons!!! HELL IS ETERNAL…”. Secularists should no longer waste time promoting gay marriage, or keeping abortion legal, but instead firmly demand legalization of euthanasia. As soon as euthanasia is legalized, it becomes possible to mutilate Muslims without Muslims being able to fight adequately back. As Islam forbids euthanasia, an arms race of mutilation will be won by the Secularists. The prime target should be Muslim patrilinearity. Single out North-African looking Muslims, as opposed to European and West-African converts. Leave a note: “As long as a convert isn’t entitled to a virgin bride, neither is a man with a Muslim father!”

  2. I recall a pre match riot in the World Cup in France, when England Played Morocco or Algeria or some other Arab shithole. The riot occurred in Marsailles and some English got their throats slit. I recall that our fans were blamed for provoking it. Well, now we know the truth. Arabs are a bunch of cut throats.

  3. Here is the story. The press has obviously been aware that Arabs are a bit stabby for a long time but have decided to emphasize English culpability for things like throat slashing for quite a long time.


    Perhaps this is how a lot of the doub speak happened originally.
    Instead of “Arab slashes Englishman’s Throat in France”. It’s “English fans attack French riot police” .

    We are so doomed.

  4. It is boiler plate and quickly forgotten. It is only forgotten if the press wants it forgotten.

    If it had happened here they would sanitize the story of the Islamic angle and just excoriate the NRA and gun owners of the the AK 47 issue.

    Never mind that your typical gun collector is just tickled pink that they have a stable job, discretionary income and a domicile to store such guns. Their 1st , 2nd , 3rd thought, etc is not to shoot some place up or to harm people.

  5. It seems all over the West the feckless and balless government officials hide the true facts and never lay the blame squarely on the perpetrators of these violent criminal acts. They take the liberal path and try to explain everything away,”it’s those angry, misled, misguided youths”. IMHO to continue this path they are surrendering France one block, neighborhood, district, town, and yes city at a time. Soon no one will feel safe even in the most remote area of the Republic.

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