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6 Replies to “Contrasting Obama’s views on Islam and Christianity as of Aug 31 2013”

  1. Pat Robertson made a point about Obama that I’d never thought of. Robertson said, basically, that if Obama was born Muslim and converted to Christianity, where is his testament? Right? Where is the part in any of his many writings about him seeing the Light, finding The Lord and abandoning Islam? He must have been a Muslim when he was sitting in the madrassa reciting the Koran, so when did he switch? And where’s the fatwa? It says very clearly in both the Quran and the Hadiths that the penalty for leaving Islam is death. Why has absolutely no Muslim ever even criticized Obama for committing one of the three capitol crimes of Islam, let alone called for his rightful execution for apostasy?

    Even if people now figure out that Barrack Obama is an enemy agent, the damage is done. The reputation of the United States is in ruins, the economy is in ruins, America is still dependent on Saudi oil, the Iranians will get their bomb, and the Republican Party has been utterly destroyed. His job is done – it would now take a time machine to undo the damage. And the mainstream media is 100% to blame for this because they all shameless liars with terrible aversions to simply printing the news, because they’re too concerned about their guidelines and their narratives. Bastards!!!

  2. This stuff that Robertson is talking about is directly related to the Church that Obama joined. A church designed to destroy White Gods. organized blackness in the US is Islamic half the time. Islam was originally Arab Supremacism over Greeks, Egyptians, Syrians and Iranians. Same trick is being pulled in the US with front groups jabbering about civil rights that mask a supremacist agenda.

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