News and Links for Sept. 1 2013 – 1

1. Rand Paul on the potential Syrian military adventure

2. German news report on potential outcomes of US attack on Syria, and how Turkey equips ‘Wahhabi’ terrorists for war there.

3. German Asylum System Hits Breaking Point

4. Video claims to be of 2 Hindu boys killed by Muslim mobs in Pakistan

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3 Replies to “News and Links for Sept. 1 2013 – 1”

  1. #4

    Truly Islam turns humans into animals, while socialism turns them into beasts.

    A man who will kill from near and have sex from afar, and a woman who will kill from afar and have sex near. Passion and disassociation. Retards who have made it a hate crime to mention their disabled conditions.

  2. As Arun says no matter what the religion of the victims, let the world know the same is being done by Hindu mobs to Christians on a massive scale in so called democratic India which lacks human rights which you can view on YouTube.

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