The repentant Danish imam and the cartoons that annoyed the world.

Yes, the religious muslims now want to kill him. But not for the right reasons. They want to kill him for apparently turning away from jihad and islam’s more violent precepts and directives while what they should want him punished for, is the massive fraud and deception he pulled even on them to entice muslims to riot against Danish and Western targets. Things including but not limited to, using a photograph from a French magazine showing a person in a hog calling contest with his hands behind his ears which this imam claimed was mocking the Islamic call to prayer, and even drawing a few really awful toons of his own and claimed they were part of the Danish newspaper’s collection. But of course this kind of deception to encourage violence seems to be welcomed in Islam so it is failing to continue that which motivates the actions in the second video below.

Meanwhile, here is his very recent speech to the International Free Press Society delivered in Denmark just a few days ago. I look forward to people’s impressions of him in the comments.

Here is an excellent and thorough history of the cartoon issue. (Thanks C.B. Sashenka)

The video below has to have been ‘shot’ post Aug 22 2013 as that is when the photo was taken of the Danish imam holding the Mo-toon cup with Kurt Westergaard

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  1. Until and unless he leaves Islam either officially or mentally, he will continue to be the terrorist he was. If he does really read the Quran and understands the truth and continues to be a practising muslim, it clearly indicates that there is no fundamental change in his mindset. If he atleast in his mind accepts Islam is a religion of terrorism and that there is one God and Mohammed was a terrorist then there is a change in heart not otherwise.

  2. Agreed.

    The title page of that paper by Thomas Hylland Eriksen of the University of Oslo says the essay, written in 2007, is so far unpublished. If that is the case, and the essay does see publication at some point in the future, it would be interesting to see if Eriksen lets his 2007 conclusion stand:

    “The question asked by liberals may be why they should tolerate intolerance; the answer is that they are not asked to do so. They are only asked to coexist with, and collaborate with people of different persuasions when the need arises.”

    Eriksen writes, “I have yet to hear of a single conflict between ethnic Norwegians and immigrants that directly involved differences in religious beliefs.”

    I imagine that any reader of this blog could name a few.

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