Blonde of Youtube: “The time for talk is over”

Terrifying video of the charming patriot “The Blonde Youtube” entitled Let justice be done, Mr. Valls , which tells the plight of a family of “dirty céfrancs” insulted, assaulted, whose house was ransacked several times and whose mother, terrified, ended up missing his birth. An amazing testimony to be missed under any circumstances. The testimony of a France struggling in terror everyday.
Published on August 22, 2013 by Mireille Greschter – Item No. 317

Thank you Oz-Rita for the translation

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  1. Re: the metaphor of the country as house. The rich-enough like Mr. Valls use money and influence to make their homes their own private countries-within-a-country where unwanted visitors rarely make it past the gate. For the homeless, at the other end of the scale, the country literally is their house, and everyone else’s guests have unrestricted access. Will France have to wait until this kind of home invasion works its way up from the homeless through the working and middle classes to knock on the doors of the Mr Vallses?

  2. I adore this brave girl! If someone would bank roll me I’d go to France and visit all the trouble spots with the aim of thinning out the Muslim male infestation… These sub-humans need to be eradicated now before it is far too late. Viewing an extinction level event for the caucasian race before the turn of this century as things are progressing…

  3. Hi Eeyore:) I hasten to note that the intro to the video must be a google translation (from the Riposte Laique site)…it’s actually funny. They translate the fact that the young mum, because of the stress of having stones thrown at her in her own garden while she was 6 months pregnant, lost her child which was still born as: “mother, terrified, ended up missing his birth. “

    I actually cried at around the mark 8.30 when Blondie tells of this.

    And would you believe it, this “Minister Valls” is on the nose with his own extreme left government, because they consider him too conservative. The attacks on him come from the nastiest piece in Hollande’s government, the racist and islamophilically obsessed cow, the minister for justice, Christine Taubira

    @ Ross A Lloyd: yes this girl is beautiful. I hope France survives long enough to see her President around 2035 (date she once mentioned herself). 🙂

  4. @ Reliapundit: I think the Muslim Brotherhood are even further ensconced in France already than in the US – the nasty nasty nasty Taric Ramadan is THE darling of their media and politicians, and spends a lot of time in France. I’ll send your link to a friend in France who speaks english.

  5. The only effective response to this sort of terrorism is for the indigenous people to form their own militias who will act when required. The police are worse than useless as they will not turn up in these cases, being too scared of the Muslim gangs and the riots they are likely to start. Blonde of YouTube is right to say it needs the army to deal with the situation in some of our cities, but the governments will not deploy their armies unless there is open warfare.

    So we need to form paramilitary organisations, as existed in Northern Ireland during the troubles. We need dedicated men who will act when needed and kill the vermin. This may escalate the situation but that works to our advantage as we want it to blow up as soon as possible since time is not on our side. The Muslim gangs have to know that attacking our people will bring swift and deadly retribution upon their heads. That’s the only language they understand and respect.

  6. DP111:
    Well, the cheese eating part is true and in fact, the rest of us could learn from that and especially in the US where food regulations make getting a good cheese quite difficult.

  7. Pam M. re: “The only effective response to this sort of terrorism is for the indigenous people to form their own militias who will act when required.”
    Ironically, the invading hoards of Islam have formed their own militias as witnessed in this video. The Muhammedan militias stone, raid, violate, trespass, destroy, threaten, etc. all that they find offensive. The governing arm of France enables – nay, encourages and instigates these invasive militias.

  8. As I have said before…….

    The Crusades was little more than well deserved pest control……..

    The New Crusades will be pest control on a magnificent and breathtaking scale…..

    I have long said we must begin to send our guests home…….the sooner the better.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  9. This is not my wish, but it is a prediction as clear as day.

    If the governments of the West won’t take action, the people will. It is a matter of self defense and preservation. The only question will come to be: Which side will the established governments be on when the violence inevitably spreads?

    God save us.

  10. @ Chatillon…….

    The spineless governments of Western countries, including the purposeful and outrageously injurious treasonous and collaborative actions, policies and directives of the Obama clique, will set the stage for a bloodletting of unprecedented proportions……… for the Muslims, they will reap what they have sown, they will harvest a crop the planting of which was a reflection of their diligent and unswervingly provocative smearing of the excrement of a 7th century lunatic and barbarian on all we have built, all we hold sacred and dear………they richly deserve nothing, absolutely nothing less……

    The only questions is when…………just say when………

    and as the word “when” falls from the lips of patriots and the accounting begins, let us not…..let us not……let us never forget the treason and spineless duplicity of those who move amongst us here in the West…….those whose seething hatred of the West is little more than a sodomized and fawning handmaiden to Muslim agenda………let us never forget the poisonous academia who have filled our children’s heads with a self loathing and a hatred of our country and culture….let us not forget the politicians who lick the boots of Muslims and seek to affect the Islamization of the West……..let us not forget senior law enforcement officials who have ordered the sanitization of all relevant policy and practice manuals of any reference to “Jihad, Islam, Muslims, Terrorism”……..let us not forget the judiciary and legal industry who have paved the way for the return to our nations the human garbage of the Khadr family and many others, who have paved the way for the release amongst decent law abiding citizens the same human garbage……the loosing of hyenas amongst sheep…….let us not forget the talking heads of mass, socialist, liberal, leftist media as they sanitized, twisted, omitted, ignored, whitewashed and propagandized the truth of all our Muslim friends and their agenda……..

    The Muslims have started a game………one that we intend to finish…………

    Just say when Muhammad………..just say when………..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  11. Don C, I don’t think it will take the upper class houses being invaded to start the resistance, the lower and middle class houses will suffice. The Blond seems to be a member of the middle class and she is gathering a massive following both inside France and around the world.

    DP the WWII allies may have to liberate France once again but before we can do this we will have to liberate ourselves, there are signs that the liberation of the anglophone nations has begun but it is as usual building very slowly.

  12. Richard said: “…The Blond seems to be a member of the middle class and she is gathering a massive following both inside France and around the world…”

    I will use this as an excuse to hand a huge bouquet of flowers (and not cacti either) to Eeyore: as far as I can see, he has started this snowball rolling in doing the first subtitling in English of her first (and then subsequent) videos.
    I saw her on French sites and now on twitter being very happy and “grateful” she says, for “all the translations”.

    We might, sometimes, feel discouraged, but we are all making a difference. Yes we do ! 🙂

  13. This little girl is a hero. She is amazing unlike the Mr. Valls and the rest of the west’s political class. There will come a day when France explodes a long with the rest of Europe. It’ll be painful but neccessary. God speed for France.

  14. DP we thought the same thing in WII and we all know what happened, what you have to do is plan for the worst thing that can happen and pray you never need to use the plans.

    Rita we are making a difference and yes all of us feel down at times but we have to remember that we are making a difference and in some areas we are winning.

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