Links and news for Aug 22 2013 – 1

1. Black mob violence on white people. Under-reported, more common than is comfortable to admit.

2. Hacking the human brain. Why bother tapping your emails when they will be able to…

3. Scandinavian rape, Scandinavian blinders. Bruce Bawer

4. I have often wondered about Norway’s irrational leftism and now I know why.

5. In Nashville, Egyptian Christians chant: Obama Obama don’t you care, Christian blood is everywhere

6. France: Debate on Gypsies Vs. political correctness heats up as major magazine brings the problems of Gypsy camps in French towns to light. 

7. Group claiming to be an Anders Breivik fan club threatens to bomb royal visit (or something like that). Police not worried but many roads are blocked.

8. Bradley manning wants to live as a woman now. (As he has been sentenced to 35 years in prison, I think getting his wish will be so easy he needn’t even say it out loud. The article linked is right in one thing though. He did get a stiff sentence)

9. Could global warming actually be anthropogenic in one sense? One study suggests it is the result of clean-air laws.

10. Owner of Lavabit explains why he closed his company before he would allow the US Government to spy on his clients.

Thank you Richard, M and others. Still working on leads.

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8 Replies to “Links and news for Aug 22 2013 – 1”

  1. #1 The mdeia is afraid to report on it and the Obama administration is refusing to prosecute it.

    #2 Given enough time they will be able to upload your brain to a computer.

    #4 Another round of losing kids to drugs.

    #5 They have studied the 69s and learned that rhyming chants make it into the news more, that is they make it in if the producers aren’t deliberately ignoring the protests.

  2. #9 In other words the factories were combating it and the liberals stopped them, this means the libs are to blame for Global Warming. Save the Planet, ban Liberals.

  3. 8 Oh he’ll be living as a woman alright. He won’t need hormones for that.

    Snark aside. That, if true, is very interesting.

    Remember the end of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? The confrontation between Smiley and the mole? Lecarre was making a point about traitors that he had seen as a working Intelligence officer. The mole was wishy washy. Didn’t have any real convictions one way or another (he was trying to justify himself in the scene and failed miserably). He was also bisexual (he asked smiley to give some hush money to a boy he was involved with)- had ambiguous sexuality.

    The ambiguity about identity, loyalty with such people is often also exhibitied in such traitors as ambiguity of sexual identity.

    I’m not saying an LGBT are more likely to commit treason- just that the ambiguity and indecisiveness of traitors is often exhibited in other ways than the treason.

    They very often tend to be small wishy washy people without serious conviction or big ideas or goals in life. That’s not the same as an infiltrator or spy. They have hidden convicitons and loyalties.

    Just look at the faces of Snowden* or Manning. You have to admit there is a certain similar something that is just not there. They both look like they have stunted affect. They are both utterly passionless or have stunted affect.

    *re:Snowden I add him with a grain of salt because I’m pretty sure he’s a Russian spy. But if he’s just a traitor then he fits the hypothesis.

  4. yucki during the Cold War all western intelligence services were riddle with spies, poncey or other, one reason so many were poncy is that they make excellent blackmail subjects.

  5. “…one reason so many were poncy is that they make excellent blackmail subjects.”

    Or is it they have identity issues and so can be turned from one State to another, for whatever is impression-ably and culturally stronger will turn such person inside out to claim to be born in the wrong country.

  6. The news of Lavabit has been on RT for a few days now. Today, there was speculation on the Keiser report that Cloud computing and storage could take a very serious hit due to NSA having access to everything in the Cloud.

    Its not looking good.

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