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8 Replies to “Adelaide mosque preacher Sheikh Sharif Hussein directs fury at Buddhists, Hindus, Howard and Obama”

  1. This shouldn’t be so complicated. The Islamists have declared war on the rest of the world, and this guy is obviously one of them. He is dangerous. He should be captured and placed in a POW camp until such time as we are no longer at war with his kind. It’s so simple, but it’s the last thing the Australians are actually going to do, isn’t it. I think the Western governments have some weird desire to lose this fight. I do not understand it…

  2. Lies, maledictions and -worst of all– excessive spittle.

    I just don’t see how this fellow’s presence in the West does anything to enrich the culture at large.

  3. I used to practise archery as a kid and I recently took it up again. My back garden now has a couple of targets in it. I make the target faces myself and this ugly boy has given me inspiration for my latest one. I particularly like the white cap and long beard look. I try to get them right between the eyes.
    I draw mainly just the face, but I think a few full body ones are needed, so that I can aim for some more sensitive areas, such as the ones between the legs.
    If I lived in the U.S. I’d have the choice of guns, but it’s still fun to plant a three-foot arrow into the effigy of some deranged Muslim scumbag.

  4. islam, judeism, christianity, unworkable systems of finger pointing started by morons,led by morons, followed by morons,….same sh%t, different bucket.

  5. How did this piece of trash get into Australia? Paul Keating? He let lots of other ratbags like this in to get the Muslim vote.

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