Links and news for Aug 22 2013 – 2

1. Mubarak released from jail in Egypt 

2. Four rockets fired from Lebanon toward Israel; Iron Dome shot down one of them.

“Anyone who hurts us, and anyone who tries to hurt us, must know that we will hit him.”

Four rockets were fired from Lebanon Thursday afternoon, with at least one confirmed as having struck in the area of Nahariya.

3. Ayo Kimathi is a small business specialist for the Department of Homeland Security. In his off time, he reportedly runs a website preparing black people for the “unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race.”

4. Below, a video I downloaded from Facebook from Burma. I will post below it, the verbatim text that accompanied it. The English is imperfect.

The Actual footages of Bengali Islamic terrorist attacking the security forces at August 2013 Baw Du Pha Refugee camp, in Sittwe, Rakhine State, Myanmar.
Those Bengali are illegally immigrated to Myanmar and going to claim land to annex with Bangladesh. The most of Myanmar citizen Bengalis are support them and spread fake knows and create fake history and betray Myanmar.
Please Share and let the world know how vile they are.
Myanmar face the same fate with others western countries.

5. ICLA: Alarming Views of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Rights Of Women That Should Shame Their Apparent Western ‘Progressive’ Sympathisers

H/T C.B. Sashenka, Richard, M, Fjordman, Tundra T and many more with thanks

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  1. Do I have to sign on to all that stuff if I want stop acid attacks, child marriages, honor killings, etc.? Liberties Alliance seems to think so. Seems like they’re working hand-in-glove with the MB.

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