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13 Replies to “Identical twins charged with rape ‘as DNA cannot distinguish them’”

  1. I am stuck on this one, I can’t think of any way to punish the rapist and letting the seemingly innocent brother go free.

  2. Subject: Sexual Grooming

    Why don’t we just report the rapes, rather than have to say MUSLIM rapes? When non Muslims commit rapes, do we say white rapists, Christian rapists etc? So why the need to label? Or is it only when a rapist happens to be Muslim, some of us feel the need for whatever reason, to say MUSLIM rapist? When grooming paedophiles happen to be white (btw this is the MAJORITY), nobody mentions that either, or saying hmmm we need to study why so many white men take part in grooming little girls. But if it happens to be a Muslim or Asian, oh well, we must say Muslim, we must say Asian, and we must study why these things are happening amongst their community, lol, what a load of baloney. Sadly, many people don’t actually care about the rapes itself, they want to politicise the rapes as a means to target specific communities, i.e. Muslims, Asians etc.

    Under the law of Islam, the punishment for rapist is “stoned to death” in public by public — no matter what religion the criminal is affiliated. Rape is considered as a serious offense in Islam warranting death to offenders, more than just “illegal sexual intercourse” commonly known as adultery.

  3. If one of a set of twins is good you would think that he would always makes sure that he had an airtight alibi. That police, really society, could zero in on who was guilty.

    If your twin is continuing to rape people and you know that he is using identical DNA and the reasonable doubt standard to get out of the rapes, you would have a duty to make sure that society knew it was not you. Otherwise you are assisting an rapist by omission.

    Wit ore sensitive test many identical twins due to mechanics like methylization. A lot of twins are different epi-genetically.

    This charade shall also end. But in the meantime people will put society through anxiety, recriminations and pain so they can get their ya yas off.

  4. iftikhara

    To solve a problem you have to get at root causes. Categorizing problems is a great way to start. Even if you don’t know the mechanics by categorizing you eventually zero in on the mechanics. unfortunately we know the category and the mechanics. Your Koran says that since we are not part of the in group, then all sorts of crime can be committed against us.

    There was a story about a Sikh posted after this and my 1st thought was that it was out of character for a Sikh. But no group is perfect. Thing is statistically when i see a Sikh I am not concerned about crime like a Muslim.

  5. iftikhara, are you really still here.
    nowhere does the article does it say they are muslim, like always, it’s the names of the rapist that gives it away, like us you must have read it into the story. As for the grooming gangs, the vast majority are muslims, pakistani sunni muslims to be exact, in a country where they represent less than 4% of the population that doesn’t look too good. Now the thing is, the press always describe these muslims as Asian, which is as you can guess pretty upsetting for any non-muslim Asian. Not that you would care about the distress muslims cause others.

  6. TRex as a religious muslim I would think he delights in the distress they cause others. That is the prime directive of islam after all. I usually spam his stuff off the site as they are all clip and paste and usually not remotely on topic but just whining, begging and threatening backhandedly to get more public money for madrassas in England.

    I really hope that Europe and the West in general gets a Crusade under why. Time to channel St. James Matamoros I would think.

  7. @Richard – “..I am stuck on this one, I can’t think of any way to punish the rapist and letting the seemingly innocent brother go free…”

    Do you mean you have a problem of figuring out who the guilty party was – or just can’t think of a suitable punishment?

    If the former then it is an interesting case – :

    If both of the defendants are honest – then one will have owned up already.

    If neither of them are honest (and the twin who didn’t commit the rape knows his sibling did ) – then neither will have owned up – one will be the perpetrator of a serious crime and the other can be charged with withholding information related to a serious crime and perverting the course of justice.

    If one is honest and one not – then both will be denying they committed the act. In this case the one who is lying will have lost all respect in the eyes of his twin – and that twin will be vigorously trying to prove his innocence.

    If you what you meant was you can’t think of a suitable punishment – several years of gay rape in jail should give him an insight into the pain he caused his victim.

  8. @iftikhara

    “….Why don’t we just report the rapes, rather than have to say MUSLIM rapes?….”

    What’s wrong with facts?

    Would you prefer people did not know – and lead them to think it was possibly a white rapist?

    If it occurred in an islamic country and the perpetrator was white – do you really think that they (Islamic country press) would not underline that fact? They’d have a field day with it.

    This is the difference between the press in Western countries and Islamic countries. In islamic countries – it’s more likely it would not get reported in the first place (remember your sharia 101 – and the need for four male witnesses to penetration etc??)

    The other thing – it is important for the press to do its job – relate facts to inform readers – so that readers can make more informed decisions and act with greater awareness.

    For example – after several unprovoked attacks over the last few years – most people now realise that Staffordshire Bull terriers are a more dangerous breed than say a Dalmatian and would not frequent where Staffordshire Bull terriers run free. Despite the small overall number of Staffordshire Bull terriers – they commit the greatest amount of unprovoked attacks. Of course not all Staffordshire Bull terriers are dangerous – but the facts prove the potential is there.

    It would be interesting to hear your hypothesis of why 90% of the rapes in Oslo are committed by men from ‘minority groups’ (aka muslims)


  9. Unless they were in the same six places at the same time to give each other an alibi, there should be a way to prove one over the other.

    The only connection with Muhammad was that he was a rapist, considering wives of kuffar men attacked for booty were fair game. To grow up in that culture means these young men have serious issues.

    Sadly the socialists who like it in the derriere have serious issues too.

    A clash of two decivilizations.

  10. Lock them both up anyway, just to be one the safe side. And just in case there’s a hidden triplet somewhere, lock up anyone who looks like them, anyone with brown skin and a beard – nearly all Muslim men then.

  11. Mohammed Wazir Ahkspaidar it is the first, I am having trouble figuring a way to tell who is guilty, if one of them had an air tight alibi the other would already be under arrest. It is possible that both are in on the crime with them taking turns raping women and the other being out of sight to stop the police arresting either of them.

  12. @ Perfect child

    Muslims and Islam has serious issues. they need to be solved forthwith for mankind to thrive or survive.

    I am reading the book “The Dark History of the Popes”. I daresay I knew the general outlines already. So this reading is just filling in details. A lot of the details does exculpate the Popes. Sure some were responsible but a whole lot of nobles and later kings were hounding and killing Popes. That has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with power. The otherworldly Popes (read really religious Popes) expired most readily.

    Anyway reading all this again and in greater detail and drawing some connections, one wonders how much more bloody European history would be without the out let of the new world. Reading a lot of cases of Bishops, nobles, parlement and others fighting against inquisitors out right and via extra legal means. Still one has to wonder how much modern navigation and the New World acted as a steam relief valve.

    “The only connection with Muhammad was that he was a rapist, considering wives of kuffar men attacked for booty were fair game. ”

    Mohammed had some good insights, impulses and laws. Mohammed was a street urchin. His parents died making him an orphan and his uncle did not take him in for a a whole year. Maybe because his well off uncle had so many wives and children that he had no extra money.

    This must have had quite and effect on Mohammed. It is the reason why he passed the law limiting men to 4 wives. He saw the social problems that polygamy caused. At that time some people had up to 20 wives in the Persian empire and elsewhere. So limiting people to 4 wives is a big deal and heading in the right direction. Still Mohammed was just a man and so it was hard to be other worldly and he grew more bitter as he lived. One such event that made him bitter was his uncle dying in battle. That was probably a seminal event. the hadiths grow vengeful as time went on.

  13. Red,

    Mohammed had some good insights, impulses and laws. Mohammed was a street urchin. His parents died making him an orphan and his uncle did not take him in for a a whole year. Maybe because his well off uncle had so many wives and children that he had no extra money.

    If he had some good insights he would not have badly plagiarized the stories from the Torah or from the New Testament. He would have had new wine you can’t put into old wineskin. But he had none. 600 years after Jesus, and not one innovative idea in his head.

    He suffered the humiliation of being a toyboy for a wealthy business woman 20 years his senior. He conned her into thinking he was gifted from the leisure time he spent in a cave. When she died he escaped from plaything to main player. He could have as many touchy-feely wives as he wanted, robbing merchants was his game, and that little six year old Aisha, ooh looked so sweet. Do you get that feeling you were meant to be married to a six year old when you’re in a park of kids? There will come a time when homosexuals declare the same spirit moved them too, and the little boy is adopted for grooming.

    Qur’an (33:50) – “O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war, and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts, and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who fled with you; and a believing woman if she gave herself to the Prophet, if the Prophet desired to marry her– specially for you, not for the (rest of) believers; We know what We have ordained for them concerning their wives and those whom their right hands possess in order that no blame may attach to you; “

    He claimed the prophets of other religions as his own, even briefly flattering the three goddesses of Medina Al-Lat and Al-‘Uzzá and Man?tin in the Koran, to be scrubbed out when they did not join his cult of self-worship, to make himself Grad Mufti of all – as St Paul had done to the corpse of Jesus to wash himself with rather than repent and go into the wilderness and face his demons.

    It was the demons that told them what to do to make their pain go away, for it is ever thus: those at the top of the food-chain have no guilt.

    Mohammed had some good insights, impulses and laws. No. A charismatic warlord who would kill you as soon as blink.

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