Links and news for Aug 21 2013 – 1

1. Pakistan seizes 100 tonnes of bomb-making chemicals

Pakistani paramilitary soldiers stand beside seized bomb-making material in Quetta on 20 August 2013. The warehouse was stocked with potassium chlorate, ammonium chlorate, sulphur and detonating equipment

Security forces have seized 100 tonnes of bomb-making materials and detained 10 people in a raid in Quetta, south-west Pakistan, officials say.

The cache contained chemicals used to mix bombs, wires and detonating equipment, says Col Maqbool Shah.

2. Belgian jihadists in Syria stripped of welfare benefits 

3. NSA surveillance reach broader than publicly acknowledged

The National Security Agency’s surveillance network has the capacity to spy on 75 percent of all U.S. Internet traffic, The Wall Street Journal reports.

4. Links to videos of “gas attack” in Syria. (How lucky for us this came when the Egyptian news glut is over. Otherwise we might not have noticed this attack with everyone watching Egypt. And since when do they call it a “Gas attack”?)

5. New drug mimics the benefits of actual exercise 

Treated mice become lean, develop larger muscles and can run much longer distances simply by taking SR9009, which mimics the effects of aerobic exercise. If similar effects can be obtained in people, the reversal of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and perhaps Type-II diabetes might be the very welcome result.

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6 Replies to “Links and news for Aug 21 2013 – 1”

  1. According to Ifakasahan, what we need are MORE Pakistanis and Arabs set loose among us. Look at these stories and imagine the current population of Muslims in the UK quadrupled. Iy’ll lead to us being exterminated.

  2. #2 This is good news, some governments are starting to move against the Moslem conquest.

    #3 This isn’t really new news, I was thinking they could cover most of the net traffic.

    #4 Given the area they attacks supposedly occurred in we have to ask which side made the attack?

    #5 A lot of the problems the elderly have are caused by lack of physical strength, this will allow them to develop the strength to fight off many illnesses that are common in old age.

  3. #2 I am surprised they had the temerity. But once they find out that the terrorists weaken without a tit to suck on, they will get bolder.

    Saudi Arabia, the Gulf State and Iran cannot support all the terrorists. Western Welfare is a major cash cow for jihadis.

  4. Is this a lol?

    Swedish politician attacked in Somalia’s Mogadishu (BBC, Aug 21, 2013)
    “Gunmen have killed two men and wounded Swedish politician Ann-Margarethe Livh, 64, after firing on their vehicle in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, officials say.

    The three were shot as they were returning to Ms Livh’s hotel after she gave a lecture on democracy at the city’s university, witnesses said.

    The motive for the attack is still not clear.

    Somalia is battling an Islamist-led insurgency and high levels of crime….”

  5. #2. Now if only the Australian govt started growing some balls and did the same, why should the taxpayers support them fighting a war? They hold no allegence to Australia and no doubt they will use those skills to wage jihad at the next hissy fit in hyde park.

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