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14 Replies to “Egypt considering banning Ikhwan. US says bad idea, while Saudi Arabia promises to pick up any loss in US foreign Aid”

  1. EGYPT – Graphic video – dead bodies of some of the Muslim brotherhood members who died yesterday in the botched jail escape

  2. For once I have to support the Saudi’s, banning the Ikhwan is a good idea. Obama being a member in good standing of the MB is going to oppose all efforts to roll back any gains the emerging Caliphate has made.

  3. I am not a one to make anti-American comments and I am not anti-American in any way, but sometimes I just can’t believe how stupid even the most “informed” Americans can be when it comes to matters outside of the USA. Obama, McCain, Paul and countless others do not seem to know their asses from a hole in the ground when it comes to the whole Islam issue – a fact they all prove decisively by wanting to have anything whatsoever to do with the Muslim Brotherhood. Why don’t these guys, with access to the most powerful intelligence apparatus on earth, seem able to understand that the MB are literally the baddest of the baddest bad guys? Why are they so stupid that they do not know that Osama bin Laden was inspired and taught by the writings and speeches of the Muslim Brotherhood? These are the bad guys, you half-wit morons! They would cut your mother’s head off for a joke. Stop protecting them and wake the fuck up!!!

  4. #2 Let Saudi Arabia make up the short fall. They had trouble in the past funding the Afghan war against the Soviet Union. They always came through, but they had to be badgered. Point is their pockets while deep are not infinite. Between fracking around the world depressing oil prices and a growing population in Arabia, the Saudis can run out of money.

  5. Constitutional committee drafts 130 articles, first three unchanged

    Chancellor Ali Awad, rapporteur of the interim constitutional committee said at a press conference on Monday afternoon that the committee has already drafted 130 articles.

    “The first three articles remained unchanged,” he revealed.

    The first article says that the Arab Republic of Egypt is an independent and sovereign state that is united, and that democracy is its system of governance. It also says the Egyptian people are part of the Arab and Islamic nations, proud of their part in the Nile Basin, the African continent and the Middle East.

    The second article states that Islam is Egypt’s state religion, Arabic is its official language, and the principles of Islamic law are the main source of legislation.

    The third article states the principles of the laws of Egyptian Christians and Jews are the main source of legislation governing their personal and religious affairs, as well as the choice of their spiritual leaders.


  6. – Laser

    I’m referring to those guys’ recent insistence that the usual aid-to-Egypt get cut because the new government came to power through a coup, which is against the rules. None of those guys seem to understand just who the Muslim Brotherhood is, including Paul. The Brotherhood are a contagious plague and must be defeated at all cost…

  7. @ martin

    Well it looks good.Looking back at historical example of 5th century Italy, for a time the Ostrogoths let the Roman use Roman law and the Germans use Germanic tribal law. It lasted for a while, but it was eventually dropped.

    Still it is the best thing the Copts have going in Egypt, when the government is decent to them (i,e affords them police protection form mobs etc.).

  8. @ Chris Jones the US is a very insular nation, most people in the US think that what happens overseas doesn’t matter, they also think it will never come over here. They are wrong but you can’t change their minds.

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