Two stories of interest. Generic human males attack US Walmart with chem-weapons and generic bipeds have huge sword fight in UK

(With a description like that they should catch them in no time)

30 people involved in street fight

About 30 people – one carrying what is believed to be a Samurai sword – were involved in a mass fight in a street.

Police are appealing for information about the incident, in Vulcan Road, off Humberstone Road, Leicester, on Saturday, August 3.


Anyone with information is asked to contact Leicestershier police

[…] Pc Baljit Sangha said: “This incident happened at a time when many people would have been leaving the mosques in the area.

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3 Replies to “Two stories of interest. Generic human males attack US Walmart with chem-weapons and generic bipeds have huge sword fight in UK”

  1. Theft could be an angle considering the neighborhood but the lack of identifying information on the perps is a little more than weird. Maybe, maybe the sheriffs department will release images of the perps. I know Walmart has cameras in the store. I’m not sure there is anyplace in a Walmart that isn’t covered by cameras so they probably have the entire attack on video. I’m sooo relieved the Walmart is open again and folks are back to shopping.

  2. @ Richard

    The British mavens of smart and rules of the little people implemented sword control back in 2008.

    I remember some of the reports because it effectively killed sword dancing, which I think is lame as Irish dancing, but hey every little bit of culture helps (In my defense I think traditional dancing in other countries is lame too). After all the multi-culturalists tell us all cultures are equal, so who are they to ban sword dancing.

    Using the same logic as banning sword dancing, the English can ban bats and thus crickets.after all some criminals and hooligans have used bats to threaten and harm people.

    Recently doctors wanted to ban knives 3 inches longer.

    So the English should be about perfectly safe about now.

    Well after they ban acid also. That seems to be popular in England among people who cannot or must not be described.

    What really bugs me is that activists and politicians lie about the homicide data and also the results of their efforts.

    If one looks at the comprehensive murder rate from as far back as they kept it (1856) in England you can see the gun laws have not done one thing. It has stayed pretty much constant except for a peak in the early 1990s that was experienced by all western nations such as the U.S., England, and Australia. Those two facts should tell you something. the gun laws came to England.the murder rate was not much affected by them but liberty was lost. From the leftist point of view that is a clear win.

    Since the murder rate has been nigh constant for 150 years all the anti-gun nuts can argue is that the English murder rate s 1/4th of the U.S.. they also have a different culture and population.As it gets more multi-cultural and heterogeneous, the murder rate will change for the worse.This I believe. We will have the left to thank for it.

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