Britain’s biggest child sex (slavery) gang thought to have been busted after cops arrest 45 men

Daily Mirror:

It is claimed four girls – some as young as 13 – were abused by the alleged paedophiles over a number of years

Determined: DCS Andy Brennan
Determined: DCS Andy Brennan

Phil Spencer

The biggest child sex grooming gang ever seen in the UK is thought to have been busted after police arrested 45 men.

It is claimed four girls – some as young as 13 – were abused by the alleged paedophiles over a number of years and officers said they could swoop on even more suspects.

The girls were first said to be groomed by one man, making them believe they had a relationship.

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13 Replies to “Britain’s biggest child sex (slavery) gang thought to have been busted after cops arrest 45 men”

  1. Not to excuse any child-raping dirtbag – may they hang and rot – but if there have been THAT many girls groomed, what does that say about the state of British parenting?

  2. Imagine the following: You have a solid culture where everyone who lives in your community has the same values, and respects each other in a very healthy way. It is extremely rare in this community that anyone ever abuses a child as its anathema to members of your community to ever do anything that vile. No one even thinks it through much deeper than that, even to the extent of the golden rule because the very thought of harming people’s children for personal pleasure is nauseating to most. As a consequence of this intact culture, everyone knows its OK to encourage your children to go out and develop as adults and gain freedom and autonomy as quickly as possible. Then, your government who used to represent you and your culture for one thousand years and more and now no longer does, suddenly decides to let in millions of people who look at you the way a fox looks at a hen house.

    I think that is the answer to your question.

    • Your analogy is perfect but explains the situation only in part, you’ll forgive my saying so. If I understand it correctly this tragedy – this evil – has been going on for some years. The point is, it si not news to the average British citizen, especially in areas where the grooming is concentrated (areas with sizable Muslim enclaves). Yet it seems to STILL be happening to British girls RIGHT NOW which, once again, makes me ask why even now some British parents aren’t keeping their daughters under lock and key. I would in their place.

  3. Certainly there is no one answer. The one I gave above I view as foundational but there is more at work as you point out. I call my explanation above, foundational, because similar to the changes in Women’s rights and culture in the past 40 years, the fact that it has resulted in a suicidally low birth rate, perhaps especially from intelligent and responsible women (in the way we think of it) that genie is not going back in the bottle and we are not going to be able to convince women to go back to competing with each other for the best mates and then spending the bulk of their adult lives looking after a flock of kids. In that same way, good luck getting your teenage daughters to suddenly behave like girls likely did in the 1800s.

    As an aside, I still maintain that of all the drugs that have damaged society and represented a threat to the core of our civilization and all things good, the birth control pill still wins hands down. Heroin has done no measurable damage to our culture, nor has cocaine compared to the decimation that no kids coupled with the separation of sex and personal responsibility which micro-doses of synthetic female hormones have done.

  4. These muslim paedophiles prey on specific girls, it should not be a surprise but they identify those with the weakest family structures, single parents, in state/council care, parents that were too busy dealing with a terminally ill grandparent (in one case I know of).
    The culture gives them the advantage, girls coming from families that can hardly feed themselves, have a family argument, goes to the local muslim owned fish and chip shop, meets up with some “cool guys” with fancy cars who tell them, hey, I know a guy who will get you the latest iPhone, little does the poor girl know, that iPhone becomes her leash of slavery. The drug and drink are just tinsel in the new life the savages promise them.

  5. I’ll add one more point here here, if I may. The high rate of child rape in the UK says MORE (and everything) about the depraved and cowardly position of the UK (and other countries with large religious muslim populations that follow the koran), than it does about the ill state of British parenting.

    Protecting children from the islamic rape gangs in the UK is solely the job of the British government, the host country, that allows these people in. In Islam, these people are considered good, moral and devout muslims who follow the Koran, which advocates the hating of non-muslims and the capturing and rape of non-muslim girls:

    -non-muslims are the “worst of creatures” (koran 98:6)
    -Allah has no love for unbelievers (koran 3:32)-
    female sexual captives are encouraged (koran 4:24), as well as sex with pre-pubescent girls (koran 65:4).

    Western countries consider this depracable behavior…although it doesn’t seem to be the case in the UK.

    Sexual victimization and exploitation must be expected in Western countries with high rates of Islamic immigration – despite what parents are, or are not doing to protect their children. The female victims are under-age and vulnerable; they are often out-of-control girls coming from chaotic, broken homes — but this certainly does not condone this illicit morally-repugnant (according to western standards) inexcusable, abusive behavior that is in line with the koran.

    Parents can only do so much. And many do, many instill good decent values into their children. But this cannot shield the sex victim from the violent abuse of muslim sex gangs. Some girls were taken from their front doorstep in broad daylight, and not from bars or clubs.

    It’s times like these where we should absolutely NOT be questioning the parents, but instead the cowardly government and its racist policies towards religious muslims — “racist” in that the UK government focuses on and coddles only one religious group of people, bending over backwards to appease and accommodate the religious muslim communities: we give them foot baths in universities and special rooms to pray at the airport, we remove pork from schools and restaurants, and even announce their call to prayer on loud speakers, in fear of offending them – at the expense of these girls getting raped?! How dhimmish of such governments.

    The government is too cowardly to go after and punish these religious muslim gangs appropriately. Why not ban them from western countries, a place where sharia should have no say or place, a place once thought of as a safe-haven for moderate muslims who wanted to escape their Islamic country of abuse. The UK government and others alike need to grow some balls before the evil tentacles of islam spread farther to allow sharia law to permeate every facet of society. Nip it in the bud. And I reiterate, that’s not a parent’s job.

    • “Nip it in the bud. And I reiterate, that’s not a parent’s job.”

      I am with you 100% in sentiment but you’ve kind of made my point for me: If the gov’t doesn’t have the will to STOP THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL…instead of acting like rounding up 1 in 10 Muslim pedos wins this war…then a girl’s parents is all she has and the job DOES fall to them or to no one.

      I am not being idealist when I say that – I’m being a realist within the context of the very problem you correctly described. If the parents won’t or can’t defend their own girls, they have no one because their gov’t has apparently already as much as sacrificed them.

  6. Yes, I was speaking from an idealist point of view, that protection “should” not have to come from the parents, ideally. It should come from the gov’t. But that won’t happen anytime time too soon, unless a change is to come (unlike Obama’s change, of course). And yes, you are being a realist, since we know that the present gov’t does, and will continue to do nothing. It is “we the people” who must ensure that this does not continue. Let’s see, when are the next UK general elections? 2015…

  7. cbsashenka protecting the kids is not the sole responsibility of the government, the parents and neighbors are also responsible for their protection. Yes the government is failing in their duty, and failing big time but the parents and neighbors of the kids are also failing them.

  8. Richard, I agree, the gov’t should be responsible only for ensuring our basic human rights and freedoms, no more than that, but the government is not even doing that. The government is instead concentrating too much on the human rights of the muslim offenders, that’s all I meant. And this translates into loss of basic human rights normally guaranteed by the western governments, for the non-muslim citizen (or non-religious muslim citizen). We as citizens, as parents, have to take control, there seems to be no other viable choice.

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