Links and news for Aug 18 2013 – 2

1. An unusually good analysis of the Coptic backing of the Government crackdown on Ikhwan in Egypt. (It is rare to be reminded that Egypt was a Christian country that was taken by force by muslim armies. It is an important fact to know.)

2. British warships on standby to rescue ‘British citizens from Egypt’

(This begs a few questions. For one, How many of these ‘British citizens’ , are the people who helped create the exact situation for which an emergency evacuation is required? In which case, ins’t the rescue actually part of a Muslim Brotherhood military operation? We have already seen this exact thing from Ireland.)

3. Morocco: Thousands march in Rabat in support of Egypt Islamists 

4. Sit back and enjoy this Hannity segment on the planned, ‘mega-tard march on Washington. Brigitte Gabriel is really good here.

Thank you M, CB Sashenka, Taffy in Canada and more for the links overnig

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  1. 2. I believe it is important to note three things.

    a. Egypt is proving to me there are still some Muslims that doesn’t want to Dominate non-muslims way of life or non-Islamists muslims.

    b. Since the west doesn’t officially recognize Islamistis then it is only logical to help those innocent people that are trapped by a military state. In other words the new policy is that we pull the worst Islamistis out of Islamic countries and bringing them to western countries.

    c. First rule of war. define your enemy. Since we are not officially at war we can not define our enemy.

  2. Update on the the British acid attack victims in Stone Town Zanzibar:
    via TheDailyBeast:

    Nearly a week after the attack, the motives behind it remain frustratingly unclear and the perpetrators remain at large. Zanzibar’s police were quick to say it was “isolated and not religiously motivated,” with the island’s minister of tourism offering $6,000 for information that would lead to an arrest. Witnesses quoted in The Telegraph said the two girls had been involved in an altercation in the days preceding the attack with the Muslim owner of a grocery store in Stone Town—and that a local woman had shouted at them, slapping one of the two, in reaction to their singing Western songs. Another resident said the girls may have spurned the advances of bothersome “beach boys” from mainland Tanzania, many of whom troll the beach for young Western women hoping for an easy ticket to a better life. Witnesses who saw the girls run to Baboo café had also mentioned seeing a young man in town with what appeared to be recent scarring on his forearms.

  3. I am not so sure about the Egyptian Military and their ideology . However , not enough is made of the abject failure of Morsi to do anything beyond fastracking sharia and ending the democracy that put him in power. At least the Generals want to stop Egypt’s transition from a shit hole to a hell-hole . Yes, there is a difference!

  4. @Ox AO

    > there are still some Muslims that doesn’t want to Dominate non-muslims

    There were also Germans that were not Nazis. In every group, you can find all types of people, from the most peaceful ones to the crazy supremacists.

    Of course there millions upon millions of peaceful, friendly Muslims who dont want anything else than coexist and prosper, but the important questions for US is: which subgroup dominates the whole group?

    After the crazy supremacists got control over Germany, they simply forcibly conscripted all the peaceful ones to go to their war and the peaceful ones were to wear to fight this from the inside, so to survive, we had no other choice than to bomb them all and risk millions of collateral damages, because the peaceful Germans couldnt or wouldnt help us.

    The same will happen with Islam: If the Salafi and Wahabi radicals get to control the whole group, the whole group including the peace loving ones will suffer. From the outside, we cant find out who the good guys and who the bad guys are and we will have to bomb indiscriminately simply because we have to protect outselves against their bad guys.

    > Since we are not officially at war

    This is an obvious loophole in out self-protection system: Since we always prepared for large style attacks by other states with giant, industrialized armies, we dont even realize that other kinds of warfare are existing and possible. The enemy simply has to wage a war with a low enough intensity, so that it never crosses the thresholds we defined as necessary to consider ourselves in a war. And at that low intensity, they can freely be at war with us without us at the same time being at war with them.

    In short: They are slowly boiling us like a frog.

  5. #1 All of North Africa as well as Turkey, Iraq and Syria were once Christin lands that were conquered by the Moslems.

    DownTurn you are right, when the supremacists gain control of a nation and attack you, you have no choice but to go to war against the entire nation. A fact the peace at all costs crowd refuse to learn.

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