Two gay men brutally beaten on way home from movie in NYC.

Amazingly, none of the victims seems to be able to furnish a description of the attackers. They must have been hit very hard indeed. Story here.

Interesting that at the bottom of the article they ask people to call police with information, but without a single descriptor of the perps, well its unlikely anyone would have any. I would wager money that if it was ‘right wing extremists’ or even just a white guy or even just a member of the Republican party we would have a complete description right down to the shoe size.

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  1. No descriptions beyond numbers involved . . .More:

    There were a slew of anti-gay attacks earlier this summer. Mark Carson was murdered because of his sexual orientation.

    Felenchak told PIX11 News it was about 6 people that attacked him and his boyfriend. They didn’t see it coming.

    Meanwhile, long-time residents like Laurie Leonard, who witnessed part of the incident, are disturbed.

    “I heard a lot of yelling and screaming. There was obviously a very vicious fight going on. A lot of anger,” she said. “It’s a terrible thing, obviously, to have any kind of hate crime like this, and unfortunately, it can happen anywhere.”

    Even the witness avoids giving any specific description. I wonder if it’s because of the culture of this community (Chelsea) – LGBT – ‘normalizing’ or ‘mainstreaming’ the gay lesbian transexual bisexual community would tend to shrug off identifying traits such as race, nationality etc. in order not to appear to be ‘hating’ any other group of people.
    See here:

    ““We have to send a clear message that we won’t let hate work its way into our communities,” NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who is also running for mayor of New York City, told The New Civil Rights Movement via email today:

    “LGBTQ New Yorkers have the right to walk any street in this city free from violence or intimidation. Any bias attack against the LGBTQ community needs to be met with aggressive action–both in terms of our condemnation, and in terms of police response. The community needs to know the City is there and will meet its fundamental obligation to protect its people.”

    On the other hand . . .evidence of impossible utopia

    “Toby Berkowitz of Chelsea said “Chelsea of all places? Really? You’re here because it’s a very homogenized mix of people. We love that. “

    or here:

    ““Hate crime is not acceptable,” added activist Cynthia Thompkins. “You can change the name LGBT – remove that. Put Jew, put black, put Asian. Hate is hate, and it doesn’t belong here in our society.”

  2. The essence of why there are no ‘discriminating’ factors posted about which could help identify the thugs involved in this attack are revealed in Evan Sayet’s “Regurgitating the Apple” speech from a few years ago.

    “In order to eliminate discrimination, the Modern Liberal has opted to become utterly indiscriminate.”
    “Because in a world where you’re indiscriminate, where no behaviors can be deemed better or worse than any other then your expectations are that all behaviors should lead to equally good outcomes. When in the real world, different behaviors lead to different outcomes. You and I know why, because we think. It’s based on the reality that once you subscribe to indiscriminateness, anything other than indiscriminateness is the evil of having discriminated.”

  3. I find the picture of this couple creepy. Look at the age difference. I really would like to know if there is a father in the young man’s life. Was he paid attention to? Or was he just born and left on his own? I bet the younger man feels inadequate. His eyes and demeanor have that look of not being engaged.

    I find the description of Bradly Manning sending a picture of himself with lipstick and a blonde wig to an Army psychologist troubling on 2 accounts. Being gay is to not be sick or so we are told. So was manning really being happy being gay? If so why did he want to play dress up? Does he want o be gay or something else? For me the blonde wig was the give away. It made me think. Why a blonde wig why not a black or red wig? Blondes have more fun so you got to be blonde. Maybe he wants to dress up as a woman or be a woman because he is not happy as a guy because he does not feel good as a guy. He is small and puny. So by his way of thinking he would be more valued as a woman. Manning is small. That is a fact. Puny is a description and can be quite subjective. I’ll tell you who is a brave, and cunning man, a tunnel rat. Tunnel rats were the soldiers that went into VC tunnel complexes. to take the war to the VC. Those guys were small. When they were growing up some people might haver called them puny. But who would say now that they were not brave or were not needed?

    Our society lauds athletes and they tend to be tall, large and strong. It is the worship of jocks and jock culture. Well Manning was no jock. Did it cause him to question his worth, his genetic endowment? Well being large or strong does not ensure that you are successful. My point is, is that society builds up some people and tears down others. It pushes some people to become gay. Not explicitly and not out right, but when you look a the big picture it has that tendency.

    Well guys are expected to maintain their physical fitness. They are expected to fight to defend their community and family. but there is no threshold of strength or physical prowess that says if you are not this strong, then you are a failure as a man. Great strength does not make you a man. Being moral, keeping your word, making an honest living makes you a a man.

    That picture is creepy. People can rationalize a lot. Ibet that young man rationalized that he is gay.

  4. “Toby Berkowitz of Chelsea said “Chelsea of all places? Really?
    You’re here because it’s a very HOMOGENIZED MIX of people”

    1. to form by blending unlike elements; make homogeneous.
    3. to make uniform or similar, as in composition or function: to homogenize school systems.

    1. to combine (substances, elements, things, etc.) into one mass, collection, or assemblage, generally with a thorough blending of the constituents.
    2. to put together indiscriminately or confusedly (often followed by up ).
    3. to combine, unite, or join: to mix business and pleasure.
    4. to add as an element or ingredient: Mix some salt into the flour.
    5. to form or make by combining ingredients: to mix a cake; to mix mortar.

    Just because you invite people in (or say you are), who are different does not mean they will willingly or even at the point of a bayonet homogenize culturally.

    Certain ethnic group can obviously be different but be in harmony and mix like Italians and Irish. There are differences, obviously. but they had something in common. Loosely they had a generic European culture and more specifically they had Christianity and the Roman Catholic denomination. they were also newbies at some point and face to some extent Protestant discrimination.

    It is quite another to say gee that worked let’s try importing Muslims because we are too white bread.

    Has anyone else hear a leftist use the term white bread? In the 1960s the bread mass marketed in America might have been white and boring, but ethnic European bread is anything but all white or boring. Leftists who use terms like white bread have lost touch with their ethnic roots or are just using a bad analogy.

    I have heard the white bread analogy used as recently as 2006. Leftists are still trying to forcibly integrate communities. Leftists are still trying to bus blacks and Muslims in. It is wrong. We see what happened to these gay guys. I have literally read this in local newspapers. They gave states that the county was 2% black and the country seat was 4% black. That as too white bread. So they campaigned to increase the black percentage. So they literally went to the nearest metropolitan area and bussed them in to live. I guess having 3 murders in a decade is a little boring. Never mind that given the fortune 5000 companies and the universities n the community that over time there will naturally be people from around the world moving in and living there. But it won;t happen fast enough for the liberal slim. and those people will fit in, won’t cause problems, be white collar and probably easily fit in and marry in.

    Is there racism. Certainly, and on all sides but not to the extent they claim. but having observed people, I know they will mix over time. They just won’t do it at the rate the leftists want.

    Well F-ck them.

    Just look a the military. the left complains that too many people come from the south and are white. Look what those white southern supposedly rednecks do when they are station overseas? They marry “furreigners” be they of whatever color or ethnicity. But what do we expect. The sun comes up a liberal lie. The sun sets and the liberal is still lying.

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