Egypt links and videos for Aug 15 2013

1. Daily mail pics and info

Morsi supporters burn down government buildings. Dead estimated at over 500 now.

2. While the US continues to express concern for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and demands they be returned to power, Canada expresses concern for their Christian victims

3. Muslims sieze Coptic church, make it into a mosque. Jihad Watch has this to say about it.

4. MB seems to be acting on the schoolyard principle of, ‘If we can’t have Egypt no-one can’

5. Egypt authorizes police to use deadly force.

Government buildings in flames, some ‘decorated’ with a Jewish star. Probably with an insulting slogan.

(Thank you M and Richard for your help. Still going through all the links)

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4 Replies to “Egypt links and videos for Aug 15 2013”

  1. Russia and now Canada have at least spoken up for Christians.

    While Christians are being slaughtered up and down the Islamic world, it is a real tragedy that a supposedly Christian president or the USA is worried about the Muslim Brotherhood, and the welfare of al Qaeda and worse Islamic fanatics in Syria.

  2. Besides Obama who in a position to know says he is a Christian, after all the Church he belonged to doesn’t follow mainstream Christianity

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