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One Reply to “Update on the hostage taking and threat to blow up nuke plant in USA”

  1. “Give us your tired your poor … ”

    No more like we get everyone else’s rejects from prisons, psych wards and the losing side of civil wars and then they come here and don’t like this place any better.

    The poem “The New Colossus” was not official U.S. government policy. It was written by Emma Lazarus in 1883. Now it is taken as gospel that if people are poor or whatever that they have a right to enter the U.S.

    Well as the wiki article notes the poem was forgotten until Georgina Schuyler campaigned for it to be added to the Stature of Liberty.

    Well it is really sweet that a person from an old money family that has been around since before the Revolutionary war can campaign an screw up our national policy.


    How did Ahmed’s father die?

    Was he a criminal or was he just an unfortunate person killed by criminals?

    Often you can scratch a Saudi and find a Yemeni underneath. For instance Osama bin Laden.

    These people cannot live with each other but there are activated people demanding to bring them here to make North America multi-cultural

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