More chaos and riot videos in Egypt


2. All inclusive deals to Egypt now at $400.00 for seven nights! LOL

Amazing deal for riot watchers.

3. Obama still pushing for a mechanism to reinstate the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt

4. This appears to be the remnants of a Morsi supporters camp post army. Not sure though

5. Daily Mail article showing clear pictures of the Police vehicle being thrown off a bridge

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2 Replies to “More chaos and riot videos in Egypt”

  1. I would say that Obama pushing to put the MB back in power at this point and time should remove any doubt from anyone’s mind that hes doing anything but acting maliciously with respect to the west’s interests.

  2. Adam I agree and this is just one of many things he does that says that, the problem is the low information voters who refuse to accept that the lame stream media is biased and lying about Obama and what he is doing.

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