Links and news for Aug 14 2013 – 3

1. Coptic church in Kerdasa attacked by muslims

2. First MB ‘Martyr’ in Beni Souef. Oddly, his compatriots seem to be desperately trying to bring him back from Mohamed’s Beer and Brothel in the sky. If they revived him, think how pissed he would be! And isn’t it blasphemy of a sort to try and revive dead Martyrs? Its almost like disbelief!

3. Another Coptic church burned

4. Policeman charged with leaking plans to arrest Anjem Choudary to his wife who worked for George Galloway

A Met Police officer leaked details of plans to arrest hate preacher Anjem Choudary to his wife while she was working for MP George Galloway, a court heard today.

Detective Inspector Mohammed Afiz Khan, 46, from Yorkshire, is accused of passing confidential information to his wife Aisha Ali-Khan while he was at the helm of the Muslim Contact Unit – part of the force’s Counter Terrorism Command.

5. Open street warfare in Egypt. UK news still insisting that there is no evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood has any guns despite showing them firing AK’s at police etc.

A video posted on YouTube by Youm 7, a privately-owned newspaper in Egypt, appears to show supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood firing guns during clashes Wednesday. In the video, a group of men gather on a street corner, while a man in a mask walks out and starts firing what looks like an AK-47. The man then returns to the corner as the sound of gunshots continues in the distance. A few seconds later, the video shows another group of men, carrying backpacks, shooting their guns from behind a tree.

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  1. 278 killed in Egypt unrest, including 43 police: ministry

    AFP – Egypt’s health ministry said 278 people had been killed in nationwide violence Wednesday after police cracked down on loyalists of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

    The largest toll was at the Rabaa al-Adawiya protest camp in Cairo, where an AFP correspondent counted 124 bodies. In contrast, health ministry spokesman Mohammed Fathallah said 61 people had died there.

    Fathallah said 21 died at the Nahda Square camp in Cairo, 18 in Helwan south of the capital and the rest in several provinces.

    In addition, 43 members of the police force were killed, he said.

  2. Obama pushes to give Muslim Brotherhood another chance in elections

    The White House Wednesday pushed multiple statements calling for elections in Egypt, as the country’s military-backed government cracked down on violent Islamist protesters in Cairo.

    “When the interim government took power [in July], we expressed our concern about the need for a prompt transition back to a democratically elected civilian government,” deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said Aug. 14.

    “We made clear to them that the [financial] aid we offer to Egyptians is something we review regularly, and that is something that continues to be true today,” he emphasized, at the press briefing in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., where Obama is taking a vacation.

    Earnest repeated the “democratically elected civilian government” line 15 times during the briefing.

    The statement was backed up by Secretary of State John Kerry, who declared that “the U.S. strongly supports the Egyptian people’s hope for a prompt and sustainable transition to an inclusive, tolerant, civilian-led democracy.”

    Egypt’s military has a “unique responsibility” to ensure elections, he declared.

    Those statements pressure the government to schedule elections soon, despite the risk that radical, America-hating Islamic groups could regain power via another round of elections.

    The statements follow Obama’s Aug. 7 effort to support the priorities of Turkey’s Islamist government, which is trying to promote Islamist parties throughout the Arab region.

    more on the page :

  3. Had to look at it. For when this horror is recycled – eventually, inevitably – with “made in Israel” stamped all over it.

  4. Iconic image: little Arab boy, crouching behind daddy, supposedly besieged by Israeli Army thugs. That’s recycled. The orginal is not Israel-Arab, but Arab-Arab, of course. The original is deep in my archives somewhere. I’ll scrounge for it.

  5. re #4

    Wherever Muslim go, they do every thing in their power to destroy the laws of Kuffar. It does not matter that this man had a highly paid and influential job, his allegiance to Islam was higher.

    Whatever Muslim touch or are allowed to touch, they will corrupt and destroy. It is like leaving an unmonitored bull in a China shop.

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