Links and news for Aug 14 2013 – 2

1. Machete wielding man attacked and robbed teenagers after gatecrashing Haringey party


A 19-year-old man suffered a serious wound to the leg and facial cuts and a woman suffered a minor cut to her hand.

The suspect is described as a Somali man, just under 6ft tall, wearing a black hoody with white cords around the edges and black tracksuit trousers. He was also described as having facial hair and yellow teeth and unusually large forehead.

2. Coptic church burned down

3. Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) claims to have evidence that will (should) imprison Obama

In an interview with the Anatolia News Agency, Saad Al-Shater, the son of a Muslim Brotherhood leader, the detained Khairat Al-Shater, said that his father had in his hand evidence that will land the head of United States of America, President Obama, in prison. He stressed that the senior U.S. delegation currently visiting Egypt, knows full well that the fate, future, interests and resputation of their country is in the hands of his father, and they know that he owns the information, documents and recordings that incriminate and would condemn their country.

4. A different Coptic church burned, this one in Sohag

Kerdasa Church:

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  1. Yeah, I would love to see the man (using the word loosely) go to the pen for life but don’t have any realistic hopes of this ever happening.

  2. Urgh…the description of this violent criminal makes him sound repellant. How dare our leaders order us to welcome vile specimens like this for the ‘enrichment’ they supposedly bring to our doomed societies. No thanks, we have violent ugly folk without importing more.

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