Muslim brotherhood attacks police station. Dead police everywhere.

Here is some of the victims the muslim brotherood, the american allies, killed peacefully today in egypt – kerdasah , Giza they stormed the police station and slaughtered every single policeman officers and generals… inside it peacefully

From Voice of the Copts.


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  1. OK. So now the Egyptian Army is going to come looking for every last one of these characters and they aren’t going to stop until the leaders are all dead and the Brotherhood movement is broken completely. The Brotherhood is going to lose and the smart ones are going to figure out it’s time to head on up to the family farm and forget about it. The only thing for the Jihadis to gain now is brownie points for Paradise. I guess that will be enough for some…

    How about that Obama and that Clinton being so firmly on the side of these bastards, eh? I’m tellin’ you, Barrack Hussein Obama is an enemy agent, a mole, an operative, KGB, Saudi Security. Isn’t it obvious? The Egyptian people seem to have figured it out. Why in the name of all that is holy would Barry be backing the Muslim Brotherhood so vigorously if he was on our side? There is only one possible reason. He said it all when he slighted the British by returning the Winston Churchill bust. If you don’t respect Winston Churchill, then you are on the other side.

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