Links and news for Aug 13 2013 – 2

1. A possible answer as to what happened to Swedish men, that would allow Sweden to become a Disneyland for Muslim rapists of Swedish Women.

2. Dalai Lama’s Chinese website infecting visitors, expert warns. (Anonymous conspicuously not riding in to save his holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama)

He said he believes the group behind the campaign was also behind previous breaches on the site that have gone unreported as well as attacks on websites belonging to groups that focus on human rights in Asia.

Officials with the Office of Tibet in New York could not be reached for comment. That office houses the Dali Lama’s official representative to the United States.

3. ‘compromise’ reached with muslims in Sri Lanka.

“We have a compromise deal worked out last night,” Council President N. M. Ameen told AFP.

“The government will rescind the order acquiring the old mosque premises and will grant more land and help with renovations and improvements.”

“From today, we are out of the new mosque.”

4. Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system has intercepted a rocket allegedly fired by a Sinai-based Islamic militant outfit linked to al-Qaida.

The Iron Dome battery, deployed in Eilat by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), is said to have successfully intercepted at least one rocket at about midnight.

5. More pro V Anti Morsi riots in Egypt today.

6. Allen West. A genuinely post racial politician.

7. US Military, this article claims, is running millions of sock puppets for propaganda purposes, and various web-tech people feel that this is likely true.

we’re talking about running a major network of computers that are constantly running code specifically written to post to social media and news comment pages. Something that was revealed all the way back in 2011 by RawStory and brushed off in the name of national security by the military.

8. In his opening statement on Tuesday, Hasan (acting as his own lawyer) apologized to his fellow jihadists for not destroying more innocent life.

9. Mark Steyn on the Ft. Hood shooter trial. Well worth the few mins. to read.

10. List of UK people involved in forcing children into sexual slavery. 95% Muslim, 20% named Mohamed. (H/T Tommy Robinson)

11. British Cabinet Member “lied” over UN Palestinian death figures
Senior Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Baroness Sayeeda Warsi stands accused of misleading the House of Lords and the public following the incorrect citation of the number of Palestinians killed by Israelis since January 2012.

12. Gang rape muslim child sex slavery story from Feb 2013 I missed at the time. UK.

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  1. #3 This is what happens when you stand up to the Moslems, they become accommodating

    #4 Israel is protecting their people, now if we can just stop Obama from destroying our protection.
    #7 I am not sure I approve but I do know we can’t let the enemy propaganda go unanswered and a lot that is posted on the social media is enemy propaganda. On that line of thought this is really just an updated version of what FDR did during WWII to keep the home front involved in and supporting the war.

    #8 & 9 I hope they hang the sob.

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