Al-Qaeda probably responsible for numerous fires set in the US

This clip seems very familiar. Although it is dated today at YT I am pretty sure I have seen it before but even so, its worth reminding people that although the war on terror is over and we won, (yeay!) Al-Qaeda seems to be working three shifts to burn, poison and blow us up in every way their little tard brains can devise.

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2 Replies to “Al-Qaeda probably responsible for numerous fires set in the US”

  1. Analysis

    Speaker has good hair. check

    Speaker is citing facts and not making an emotional appeal Strike 1.

    Speaker is not following the template. He is not citing Man made global warming. Strike 2.

    If we acknowledge the fact that a significant percentage of fires were caused terrorists we would have to do something. it would divert us from tax me some benefits culture. Strike 3.

    So the complicit media will not give this much play.

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