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9 Replies to “Muslim in UK in court for glorifying killing of Lee Rigby and inciting Terror”

  1. I think that the accused should make an effort when he appears in court. He should be wearing a suit and tie and have the decency to shave. Turning up in a nightgown and trainers should automatically put two years onto his sentence!

  2. Bob..Better that he stay in the uniform of the enemy. At least then there is a chance judges and others will start to recognize what it means.

  3. These people are not criminals, they are enemy combatants, and therefore do not even belong in the court system. Since they have made it clear by their actions that they are on the other side in this war, they should be taken prisoner and then placed in a POW facility until such time as the religion of Islam comes to it’s senses and stops attacking the rest of us. It’s that simple – that’s what should happen. Why are we trying so hard to throw this game?

    Oh, and the British Parliament should give themselves the right to remove British citizenship from whomever they choose, even if they are born in the UK. Pretending to be a Brit so you can get close enough to kill them at close range isn’t exactly the same thing as actually being a Brit, no matter what one’s passport says, and they ought to recognize that fact…

  4. Chris, absolutely right. We in the west are under no obligation to bring into our country those who hate us and our way of life. Known radical islamists, like this individual, cannot be allowed freedom of movement within the country. It’s simply too dangerous.

  5. What a picture. What will a space faring alien race think of Earth if they met Muslims first?

    First contact could go very wrong.

    Never fear Islam would survive the revelation of intelligent life other than on Earth.After all islam is a political system and not a religion.

    The Muslims would just size up the aliens and decide whether they would practice taqqiya or go straight to jihad.

    Don’t the people strolling in the picture look alien? That is London?

  6. Chris, If they’re HUMAN, they’re certainly enemy combatants. Red, they ARE alien – to the human RACE, as we have known it.

    The bigger question is why are they still _breathing_ – let alone _cackling_ – after Woolwich? Why did those sheep just watch an animal tear the life out of one of their own? Why couldn’t that monster from the Marathon have had the decency to kill himself?

    And what’s with the ‘Muslim-Murderer’ theme song? Where does *that* come from?

  7. Chris wrote: Oh, and the British Parliament should give themselves the right to remove British citizenship from whomever they choose, even if they are born in the UK.

    As a minister of the Crown, acting on behalf of the Crown, the Home secretary has the right to remove citizenship, and banish the person from the realm of Her Majesty.

    There could be a problem with the EU, but if the act is done using Crown powers stating defence of the realm, there will be no problem, apart from the usual suspects.

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