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4 Replies to “Burmese Buddhists much more aware of the bias of the UN than the average Westerner”

  1. OT

    “The White Man Is the New Nigger”

    HERE is a book you are not likely ever to find at your local Barnes and Noble or public library. It’s called The White Book: A Manifesto for the European Diaspora. Just as The Gulag Archipelago wasn’t on news stands in the Soviet Union, this book won’t even be discussed openly. It essentially doesn’t exist because it is a book about a forbidden subject, an evil subject, a dirty subject, a subject so disgusting you could lose your job and friends if people knew you had read it. The author, Robert S. Oculus III, does not dare use his real name. For he has written a book about white people, and he affirms the right of white people to exist as whites.


  2. These aren’t inter cultural clashes. This is Bangladesh engaging in jihad against Burma. They are taking advantage of Burma’s recent postive political changes. Notice how this has finally exploded AFTER the junta has lessened it’s grip on the country.

    Those supposedly oppressed muslims in Burma got training in warfare and “religion” in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

    Bangladesh is attempting to bite off a piece of Burma. Same crap as is happening in Thailand. Just as the problems in Burma just happen to be happening in an area bordering Bangladesh, the jihad in Thailand just happens to be in areas right next to Modern Moderate Malaysia.

    It’s islamic conquest disguised as local insurgency. That’s what Bangladesh is trying to start in Burma.

  3. This is what Moslems do, they work peacefully and violently to conquer other nations and then force the people to convert to Islam.

  4. The Burmese need to avoid getting snared in thorny historical arguments and the tangle of disinformation that has been gathering around this issue, and stay focused on what they already know, and see more clearly than many in the West – that is, what the political future of Arakan will inevitably be with a majority Muslim population. One solution put forward by Burmese friends is an orderly transfer of the Rohingya by ship to Saudi Arabia, which country should be grateful for the opportunity to settle and support its Muslim brothers.

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