Links and news for Aug 11 2013 – 1

1. Muslim preacher wanted for acid attack on British teenagers in Zanzibar shot by police as he tried to escape

2. Get Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels’ blog digest 10 News. read it online at

3. Al Qaeda terrorists in Somalia pillaged £480,000 worth of British aid in raid on contractors delivering humanitarian supplies

4. With lure of religious classes, Iran seeks to recruit Latin Americans

There were 25 or 30 of us in my class, all from Latin America,” recalled the student, who was just 19 when he arrived at the small institute that styled itself an Iranian madrassa for Hispanics. “I met Colombians, Venezuelans, multiple Argentines.” Many were new Muslim converts, he said, and all were subject to an immersion course, in perfect Spanish, in what he described as “anti-Americanism and Islam.”

5. At last an explanation for the attacks in Sri Lanka. (Starts at about 20 seconds)

It seems that the Muslims who built a mosque there were told they could not have it but the Buddhist monks were kind enough to allow them to continue to use it till the end of Ramadan. In response for their kindness, the muslims continued to use the mosque and refused to end its use claiming they had permission to make it permanent. Then the Buddhists appear to have made a zoning call on their own.

6. More on the Egyptian army general who led the recent coup and his ambitions for a global caliphate. (H/T Andrew Bostom)

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6 Replies to “Links and news for Aug 11 2013 – 1”

  1. #1 One day Femen will pour acid over themselves in protest at Muslims doing something like China does, and become another pacifist self-hate religion we can all do without.

    Someone man up and kick the commies and mommies out.

  2. One day they say everything is under control – the other day the opposite turns out to be true.

    Tribesmen kill 5 Yemeni soldiers, officials say (CNN, Aug 11, 2013)
    “Tribesmen killed five Yemeni soldiers guarding Yemen’s strategic Balhaf gas terminal Sunday, two security officials said.

    Earlier reports from the officials indicated the attackers were suspected al Qaeda militants, but authorities later said the suspects were not linked to al Qaeda.

    The attack took place at a military checkpoint in al-Rowaik district in the southwestern province of Shabwa.

    Local security officials told CNN the gunmen escaped unharmed after opening fire on the soldiers from windows of their vehicle. The motive for the attack is not known…”

  3. #4 Recruitment 101: Sinister & standard.
    Hare, hare, Hari rama, hari krisna => Hara-kiri.
    Way back when, skinny bald kids in saffron negligees used to pullulate on college campuses. They had a good eye for the student who seemed especially vulnerable. They’d divine his every need & be his everything. Until there was no there there, just another saffron negligee.
    If Moonies & Scientologists can do it, why not Shia Iran? If

  4. 2#. I strongly recommend everybody to read all you can find by Nikolai Sennels. Try Jihad Watch.

    You can’t blame a fox for being a fox. But it’s not smart to invite foxes into the hens yards. Once they are there, they won’t leave volontarily – obvious!

  5. 1. Acid Attacks. This is a 2-fer.

    It seems that deprived of a gun that people more than make up for it when they have a will to do evil. Gun control? How about people control? the best way to control people is for them to want to control themselves by practicing the golden rule. There is not a better way. Controlling objects is not the answer.

    Islam? Another day, another atrocity against humanity.

    What is it with too many Muslims? They have a war against immodesty and against anyone not them. Let’s look at modesty. Is everyone in the world going to have to wear an encounter suit like Ambassador Kosh (Babylon 5) because there is some Muslim somewhere that may be offended or may not be able to control themselves?

    It seems as though any and every non Muslim woman who goes out in public is ask grave risk if they are not wearing a Vorlon type encounter suit.

    Islam, who needs it? the world does not. The world cannot survive Islam.

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