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2 Replies to “Marseille gangs out of control? – THE DEBATE – 06/27/2013”

  1. From Jan.2012 (AFP):

    David Olivier Reverdy, a spokesman for the Marseille branch of the Alliance police union (quoted in the previous translated Figaro article) said the city is in the midst of an ultra-violent outbreak of GANG-RELATED CRIME that shows NO SIGN OF ABATING.

    Police say there were 20 drug-related murders last year. Armed robberies were up 28%, violent robberies up 8%, and burglaries up 6%.

    The root of the problem, Reverdy said, is a new generation of RUTHLESS YOUNG DRUG DEALERS and a recent proliferation of WEAPONS, especially Soviet-designed AK-47 KALASHNIKOV assault rifles.

    “They are ready to do anything to protect their business,” he said. “Where before things were decided with fists, these days for nothing — for a sideways look — out comes the Kalashnikov and the shooting starts.” …………..

    Marseille, a city of around 860,000 people, is among the POOREST URBAN AREAS in France.

    Official unemployment is around 13%, the highest among France’s urban areas, but….. nearly 40% of people are actually jobless.

    Marseille also holds the records for the COUNTRY’S LOWEST HIGHER-EDUCATION LEVELS and the highest number of single-parent families on state benefits……..


  2. France is in big trouble, the Moslems are going to take over the city and h the French aren’t going to do anything because of the left. It is going to take a long time for the West to recover from the damage the left has done.

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