Of train disasters, the media and Al-Qaeda

I just feel it bears repeating that a relatively recent issue of Al-Qaeda’s ‘Inspire Magazine specifically tells muslim readers to attack trains as opposed to aircraft as they are easier targets and tells them how. I have been opposed on principle to linking to Inspire or reproducing their material directly but here is a link to an NBC News piece on this issue. No special reason why I make this post at this time. Just call it a whim.

In the summer 2010 issue, headlines invited readers to check out an “Exclusive Interview with Shaykh Abu Basir.” Another advertised a piece about “Mujahideen 101.” At the bottom of the cover: “What to Expect in Jihad.”

Other articles have offered blueprints for destroying buildings and carrying out attacks against cars, trains and malls — particularly small operations to unnerve the enemy because “hitting him in his backyard drives him crazy.”

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  1. Posts like this one keep the threat fresh in our minds, we are so over loaded with info these days it is easy to lose track of importing news like this.

  2. July 28, the date of the Swiss train crash, also the date when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia in 1914; the Ottoman Empire collapsed in WWl, Switzerland denied asylum to Hitler’s buddy, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and Swiss authorities turned him over to French authorities in 1945 (of course he escaped). Time to get back at the Swiss? — another kafir land that’s there, waiting for the taking.

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