Links and News for July 29 2013 – 2

1. Muslim Brotherhood members march on Army intel HQ. yesterday in Egypt.

The march was in defiance of an army warning early Monday, and risked a new confrontation after dozens were shot dead in clashes with security forces at the weekend.

2. Laughing thugs poured acid over mother as she walked her six-year-old twins home from school

It is thought Yannick Ntesa, 25, sprayed the acid and made his getaway in a red BMW with
Abdul Motin, 28, and 31-year-old Ahad Miah.


3. Swiss Train Crash: 44 Passengers Injured

More than 40 passengers are injured as two trains collide head-on just outside a station in western Switzerland.

Emergency services were on the scene of the crash at Granges-pres-Marnand, in the west of the country and around 31 miles southwest of the capital, Bern.

According to local media 44 people have been injured, four seriously.


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3 Replies to “Links and News for July 29 2013 – 2”

  1. There should have been dispatchers on the radio to the trains telling them to stop, the modern rail lines have ways to track the trains on the line and know where they are. Also the signal lights should have been red telling the engineers to stop since someone was on the line ahead of them.

  2. #2

    I read the Mail Online story. No motive as given. Other posters were wondering what the motive was.

    Do journalists or the courts not want to know?

    They only got 14 years in prison. The women will serve around 30 to 35 years with her sentence of disfigurement.

    Do the Muslim assailants not know that the 14 years is during their prime earning time of their life?
    When they get out f prison in their late 30 what are they going to do? Probably suffer. Then they will be depressed and easy for hardline Islamicists to recruit.

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