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35 Replies to “Blonde of Youtube in France: Islam, respect and tolerance”

  1. We can not – may not – will not live together with muslims!
    They have nothing to do in the West. Neither on the Westbank in Israel.
    Islam is a threat to everyone – even against muslims.
    You can never blend men and muslims. The tower of Babel says it all.

  2. this marvelous beautiful natural phenomenon must be given some searchable name.

    maybe “The Blonde Of France”?

    she is today’s Jeanne.

  3. The left and the Moslems demand tolerance and respect for their religions, what they ignore is that tolerance and respect is a two way street. When they are intolerant and disrespectful they can’t expect us to be tolerant and respectful, they are receiving what they give others and don’t like it.

  4. And still the Western traitors in power keep letting them in. First they used the excuse of “They’re good for the economy”, Whose economy exactly? Then there is the old favourite “It enriches our society”. Sorry, but myself and a few hundred million more westerners don’t want those kind of backward murderous, lying taqiyya spouting savages enriching our society. Nor do we want the ever increasing Muslim rapist gangs who are on the loose even though politicians, with the help of the mass media, try their best to keep the public in the dark about this part of Islamic savagery.

    Now we are being told in Britain that we need another seven million of these so called enrichers to pay for our ever increasing elderly population. Apparently only indigenous Brits get old over here these days. But no one has yet told us what our indigenous oldies, most of whom have paid into pension funds and paid taxes all there lives, actually cost the tax payer taking into account all the money they have paid into the system all their lives. Nor have they told us how much those bone idle imported third world savages, who have never paid a penny into the system in their lives, are costing the long suffering British taxpayer both socially and financially. It would be interesting to know the true cost of both and the comparison. But of course that will never happen as long as we have gangsters posing as gentlemen in power.

    As a parting shot, don’t believe a word of what Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) says, Because he is the biggest liar ,cheat and money grubbing traitor of them all. But he is hooking the votes of the gullible like fish on a line.

  5. tondor13 :
    u wrote:
    “don’t believe a word of what Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) says, Because he is the biggest liar ,cheat and money grubbing traitor of them all. But he is hooking the votes of the gullible like fish on a line.”
    i am interested in his message but i am not too familiar with british politics so much. could u please explain your words?
    and if not UKIP- what do anti islamistion british people can vote?
    thanks in advance

    • Mony
      Farage is backed by rich men of the inner elite and there is just no way that these people would want rid of mass immigration or out of the EU because they stand to lose far too much money.. It’s all one big load of vote catching hype meant to fool the electorate and it is succeeding. They are using almost the same tactics as the Tory party to catch votes because to them that’s all that matters. But people will be fooled again by the Tory tactics and promises of UKIP.

      UKIP itself is just a spin-off of the Tory party with the same type of people financing it. The main aim of the party is to draw votes away from genuine anti-EU and anti-mass immigration parties and it’s all done by lies and half truths. UKIP has long been known as the Tory spare wheel party and it acts as the Tory party safety valve. Like Cameron and Blair, Farage and his ilk have no scruples. Money and power are their gods. But the people will vote for the same old tactics and promises that they have been previously fooled with regardless. It seems that as a nation we are gluttons for punishment, but looking around at the rest of the western world we are not on our own.

  6. tondor13 ……..Farage is not ideal ….he is a compromise.The European union and the ECHR are two of the major threats to this country.Anything …anything that can get us out of the open door immigration/invasion club is better than the Lib lab con further betrayal of our people.I would love to see Paul Weston or any other anti EU party come forward with many voters.
    But realistically in our first past the post political system unfortunately there is no one who could muster anything more than a protest vote.The labour and conservatives parties love the fact that citizens waste their votes on small parties. Because the majority vote wins.
    The UKIP vote will be interesting come the MEP parliament vote next year as this will be proportional representation.Even the conservatives are expecting UKIP to do well.We need to break the chains of Europe.

    If there is any other political party in the UK that has a chance of getting a 10 million+ votes in a general election please let me know.But we have to start somewhere.Camoron has no intention of leaving the EU boys club.UKIP at least have that as their objective.

  7. Solidarity.

    The common factor in all the groups of the Rainbow Nation are they are proud on the outside and dark in nature on the inside. We know in Muslim homes girls are oppressed, in single mothered homes boys are oppressed and in same sex homes they are passed around.

    How do we know? Because a nation reveals its fruit in how it handles its children. This is what 25 years of Socialism has done since the 1998 Human Rights fraud. http://www.childhelp.org/pages/statistics

    Muslims want her raped
    Lesbians want her basted
    Dhimmis want to marry her

    This is how you know your fellow reprobates: they rob to gain a sense of life, to complete what is an unquenchable sickness.

    Men don’t marry women. Women marry men to hitch a ride to the stars.

    That is the Solidarity of people you want around you. Even if there are only 300.

  8. tondor13 ……..You didn’t answer the question………

    “If there is any other political party in the UK that has a chance of getting a 10 million+ votes in a general election please let me know”

    Also ….this is new i didn’t know about this one…….

    Brussels offers UK firms £1,000 cash ‘bribes’ to hire foreign workers

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2379477/Brussels-offers-UK-firms-1-000-cash-bribes-hire-foreign-workers.html#ixzz2aH6JWFI6

  9. You have ruined my day. I have been enjoying to see Nigel Farage so many times on Youtube, and I have dreamed about a guy like him as primeminister here in Denmark. And now you says he is no good. For me he was almost not only good but god. (Kind of).
    The way he talks to Boroso is wonderfull, so until further I will believe in him despite your words.

  10. Bains
    There are other parties capable of getting those numbers of votes. But none of them are anti-EU or anti-mass immigration of which Islamic immigration is the biggest menace. On the contrary they actively go out of their way to appease Islam and to grant a never ending stream of favours to Islam in order to catch the Islamic vote.

    To vote for a small party that is genuinely acting in the public interest is not the waste of a vote as a lot of people are led to believe. To vote for a large party that is not acting in the public interest is not only a waste of a vote but a vote in favour of villains who are ripping the country off. People who vote for such parties have no grounds for complaint when they themselves find that they are getting ripped off. You gets what you pays for. And yet people keep doing such things time and time again in the remote belief that such parties will change their ways. They won’t, regardless of the promises they make and UKIP is no exception.

    On the subject of bribes to hire foreign workers, some of us have been aware of it for a long time and this practice we believe is only the tip of the iceberg. It would be interesting to know just how many of these “foreign workers” are Muslims. Those people are good at breeding like rabbits and getting paid benefits for it, but when it comes to work that word to them is a four letter word.

    Another interesting angle of bringing in these immigrant ‘workers’ is that they will all vote for a party that is pro-EU and pro-mass immigration. This is what those faceless tin gods in Brussels are thinking about, jobs for the Brussels clique and very well paid jobs they are. Corruption almost beyond belief but it stares people in the face if only they would take the trouble to look.

    It’s interesting to note that certain new immigrants are not allowed to vote in a general election but they are allowed to vote on a referendum concerning whether or not their host country stays in the EU. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  11. Montanus
    Sorry about ruining your day in regards to Farage. But Farage of the Spare Wheel party is out to ruin countries just like Cameron is of the UKIP mother party. We don’t call him Farage the Mirage for nothing.

  12. When Lord Pearson was head of UKIP, he made clear his “concern” of the Islamization of the UK. UKIP was badly beaten.

    The message was clear – the MSM, with the BBC at the head of the pack, would tear any party apart if they made a “religion” a platform issue.

    The UKIP got the message. The first thing that needs to be done is to get out of the EU. Once that is achieved, parliament will regain its powers.

    Tackling the growing threat of Islam will have to be done in a very delicate manner. the ban on head coverings in France is an example. It doesn’t specifically target Muslims, thus does not violate France’s egalitarian principles.

    On the burqa issue: France must not crack down hard on burqas – that would defeat the purpose.

  13. DP111 says:

    “When Lord Pearson was head of UKIP, he made clear his “concern” of the Islamization of the UK. UKIP was badly beaten.
    The message was clear – the MSM, with the BBC at the head of the pack, would tear any party apart if they made a “religion” a platform issue”.

    Spot on DP111!

  14. The actual vote results for UK general election 2010.

    All top 3 parties are pro EU and correspondingly unfortunately therefore pro immigration.(No matter how much they deny it.)
    The fourth and fifth parties are anti EU but share a much smaller percentage of the vote.

    Under the UK electoral system,no member of parliament = No voice in parliament.

    Because of a widespread dislike of the EU in the UK and far less media bias (compared to the BNP) UKIP are expected to do well in the next elections.Especially in the upcoming EU elections.

    2010 General Election votes (millions)

    Conservative …………………………….10,726,614……36.1%
    Liberal Democrat…………………………6,836,824…….23.0%
    UK Independence Party…………………..919,546………3.1%
    British National Party………………………564,331………1.9%
    Social Democratic & Labour Party…….110,970 ……..0.4%
    Alliance Party…………………………………..42,762………0.1%

    Total Turnout – 65.1%

    • Bains
      As I said previously, UKIP are just plain liars who are out to fool people and they are doing it perfectly. UKIP,so they tell us, are committed to leaving the EU. I challenged a UKIP spokesman over this issue on which he was adamant that getting out is the case and that nothing can alter that. The issue is this, if UKIP are committed to getting out of the EU then why are they only offering a referendum on our membership? If they are committed to getting out what happens if a referendum votes to stay in? Do they just rip up their manifesto and go with the flow? Their spokesman had no answer to that because either he is lying or is as dumb as the rest for not seeing through this trickery.

      Referendums can be made to suit for the required result, it all depends on the political conditions of the time. One limp argument given by UKIP in favour of referendums is that it gives people a choice as to whether to stay in or get out. We already have three main parties that are giving people the choice to stay in so why does UKIP, that pretends to be anti EU, also want to give the voters the choice to stay in?

      One thing is loud and clear, any party which says they are committed to getting out of the EU and can only offer a referendum that can be fiddled, as all referendums can, is not to be trusted because they are lying through their teeth. If people want to get out of the EU then they should expect the party of their choice to get them out of the EU with none of this UKIP B.S. about referendums. My vote would do more good in the dust bin than it would by wasting it on a bunch of lying cheats such as Farage and his ilk.

      End of..

  15. tondor13 ….in all this criticism and condemnation what are you offering?
    Who are you suggesting we vote for? We get it… you have decided you don,t like UKIP (perhaps the voters will agree with you). But who is this political party that could reach that magical 10 million votes that you are suggesting we vote for?
    The only other anti-EU party apart from UKIP in the last election was the BNP with (in 2010) 1.9% of the vote.Where are you suggesting we waste our vote? I do not understand what you are offering? Do you wish us to not vote at all and keep power in the hands of the liblabcon?

    You have excelled at telling us what you don’t like but you offer no answer or remedy.

    As i asked many comments ago …and continue to ask…….

    “If there is any other political party in the UK that has a chance of getting 10 million+ votes in a general election please let us know”

    Unfortunately as you well know there is no one else! With regard to a political party that is based on us leaving the EU this is a one horse race? Like them or loathe them that’s the way it is.I am mildly kinda interested to know your alternative to UKIP? Please do not answer with another “well i don;t like UKIP because they are liars” (And parliament is so so full of “truthful politicians isn’t it)?

    Now back to the question

    “If there is any other political party in the UK that has a chance of getting 10 million+ votes in a general election please let us know”

  16. It doesn’t matter if Farage is not genuine. If people vote for him they genuinely vote for that message. I would suggest that all vote UKIP and then they will act on the policies they promised because to not do so would mean a revolution Egyptian style. So rather than second guess UKIP push for their success and then hold them to their promises.

    • To vote for UKIP is to vote for more of the same as we are already getting and it can only lead to disaster. We already have three main parties whose policies regarding the EU and mass immigration are identical, they just present them in different wrappers. UKIP is no exception. But there is one sentence that describes all four of these parties. Political gangsters who have sold their country for personal gain. But we will all pay the price for their treachery in the end.

  17. bains
    I know the political party I will be voting for but I am not plugging it here. The people of Britain know which party that is. But all the official stops are being pulled out to try and destroy that party including the use of the dawn knock by the British government Gestapo to try and intimidate party members who have committed no crimes. They will not back down no matter how the much opponents of truth try. Truth really does hurt some people to the point of getting them terrified.

    This party offers no referendums, it offers ‘out’ as any genuine anti-EU party should.

  18. tondor13

    For the record i would just like to say I agree totally with most of your previous statements.And indeed you could be proved right about Farage.And from your last comment I suspect you are BNP.I have broadly supported them since the late nineties but became suspicious during the election fiasco when the website was taken down mere days before the election.I understand completely their abhorrence of UKIP as fake nationalists which is why I said Farage was not ideal but a compromise.The problem is we don’t just need the votes of anti jihad or pro nationalists we need ordinary folk to vote.And the far left including the wretched media in this country have created a toxic brand which although making a suitable enclave for the purist has no chance of reaching the point of “respectability” and mass public support whilst the leftist controlled media are in control of the publicly accepted mass media.The only exception would be as a prelude to societal breakdown.
    In the next general election we have an opportunity we have not had for many years.A key aspect of your party as well as the anti-jihad movement is the utter contempt for the EU.And the fact it has almost destroyed the UK as a cultural entity.For the first time in 40 years we actually have the chance through the ballot box to scrap the EU.Not pie in the sky but a real opportunity.
    If it turns out to be a sham then the people may decide to vote for a party like the BNP as all the alternatives will have been tried.
    For me personally any chance to leave the EU nest of vipers at least gives us a chance at independence.
    You will know the EU troika government in Greece is about to try to ban Golden Dawn and the EU is trying to criminally convict Marine Le Pen of the Front National (FN)in the courts. Another few years of EU rule and you might not have a party to vote for!
    Any chance to withdraw from this communistic monstrosity should be taken and with the current groundswell of public opinion we actually have a chance this time.
    I am surprised Nick Griffin (on this occasion) is not instructing his faithful to bite their lips and add to the numbers.If successful we will regain our freedom as a nation.Which I believe is true nationalism.

  19. Bains: Same goes for Paul Weston at LGB. Hopefully at the 11th hour he will ask his supporters to vote UKIP. If they get enough seats for any real influence and do nothing then we know alternative means for genuine people’s will may need to be tried. But UKIP offers a real chance for urgently needed changes.

  20. Bains
    Time is fast running out to get out of the EU.. Farage, by his only offering a referendum which some of us know is just a delaying tactic has signed the death warrant of the UK if he ever gets in power. Soon there will be enough EU immigrants in the country plus muslims that we will be out voted on our withdrawal from the EU. The pro EU strategy of our bent politicians is only too obvious.

    As a matter of interest, although I support the BNP I am not a member. I agree with Nick Griffin on not supporting Farage because he sees him as a lot of others see him and who are not fooled by the MSM hype. Farage is the ultimate disaster for Britain just waiting to happen, and looking at the treachery dealt out by the Lib-Lab-Conmen that is saying a lot about the state of Britain in the hands of our criminal politicians.

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