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6 Replies to “Nidal Hassan, former US army psychiatrist, makes statement today.”

  1. I can’t find where Fox has released the full text of the message. That’s a shame. Whenever this kind of information is spoon-fed to the public, I’m inclined to suspicion of their motives.

  2. What were the details of that shooting? Bad reflection on my memory and on what still is the tyranny of distance despite globalised communication.

  3. Ramadan 1434 – Escapeathon 2013? Looks like…

    More than 1000 inmates escape from Libyan jail (BBC, July 27, 2013)
    “About 1,200 inmates have escaped from a jail in the restive Libyan city of Benghazi.

    A security official told the AP news agency that most of the escapees were facing serious charges.

    Another report said a riot had taken place inside the al-Kwafiya prison.

    The jailbreak comes a day after the assassination of a prominent political activist triggered protests in the city, although it is not clear whether the two are connected…”

  4. This one is interesting… Turkey apparently not sufficiently Islamic in the eyes of the Shabaab fools…

    Deadly bomb hits Turkish target in Mogadishu (BBC, July 27, 2013)
    “A car bomb has exploded outside a building housing Turkish embassy staff in the Somali capital Mogadishu, according to officials.

    At least two people were killed, one of them the suspected attacker.

    The Somali Islamist group al-Shabab said it had carried out the attack in the western Hodan district of the city.

    It said Turkey was one of the countries that supported the Somali government and wanted to stop the establishment of Sharia…”

  5. I hope a lot of people are listening and paying attention, statements like this show that we are in a war of survival and that the Obama administration is helping the terrorists in their war on the US.

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