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5 Replies to “Australian political candidate arrested for telling the truth to Ozzie consumers.”

  1. The title says, “candidate arrested” the only information available doesn’t say anything about being arrested

  2. Well then they better start arresting us all, i tell the truth about everything…..how we are being scammed by pigslam, halal, refugees, terrorism.
    I would love to see them cram us into the cells then we can cry about how inhumane it is and that we want, no DEMAND that we get special meals, better conditions, faster processing…………….day release.

  3. As before the ONE Nation party is talking about irelevent topics ( with bad researches )just to create fear and confusion.The wikileaks Party is the one that have vast knowledge and can disrupt the corruption amongst our political gang. What we should watch is what is going on in the SCIRO which employs 3 Hierarchy from MONSANTO and are working to make Australia the biggest producer of GMO wheat .THAT is bad for us all.

  4. I personally believe that unless you are willing to starve to death along with several of your own offspring so that someone else can live eating organic, non-GMO foods, then you should really shut up about GM wheat. The world has enough arable land to feed 4 billion people. GM tech allows us to feed all 7 billion. Unless you are ready to be one of the people ready to die so that the remainder can eat the way you feel is right then, well you know. you are a giant freaking hypocrite. And probably a racist.

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