A bad encounter with a bright orange burka

This is an original translation by Oz-Rita from this French news site. There is another one over at IVE where I first saw this. I believe this is a far more significant story than many we publish and will explain why below the fold.

Thank you Oz-Rita:

From Larep.Fr

Last Sunday an older couple took a walk on the shores of The Loire. Around 5 pm, the couple had a bad encounter.

Walking in the direction of the Bridge “L’Europe”,  these elder folk came across “4 young women of Maghreb (Arabs from North Africa) origin. Two of them were dressed in a very strident orange, which attracts attention and my wife looked, and that was all!” says the man aged 73.  Still showing anger, even 5 days afterwards.

In no way “stared at“,  according to the couple, the young women (“I would say they were in their twenties”) attack his 71 y.o. wife with racist comments and pushing her. “They slapped my wife in the face, from the shock my wife collapsed I had to hold her”

“One should not slap a  71 y.o. lady”.

At this moment, two men drove by in a car. Seeing a little crowd gathering like for the start of a fight, they get out of their car and immediately take the side of the young women.

“They also insult us”. The septuagenarian feeling the situation getting worse takes his mobile and  manages to alert the police. The two males get back into their car and disappear. The 4 females do the same, first walking fast then “running”. They disappear into the quarter Madeleine before the police arrive. 

The couple were victims of racism.

Some days later, he evokes less the physical  damage – suffered by his  wife – than the moral one.  “One cannot slap a  71 y.o. woman  and mistreat her so, gratuitously” he says, emotionally. “She says she is now so afraid and will be unable to ever take another walk along the Loire”.

The next day, Monday, the  couple report the attack. The enquiry so far has not  led to finding the aggressors.

My comment: 

In many countries, muslims use various provocations as a means to subjugate the local population. It is quite difficult for the regular inhabitants of Western countries to understand what we are seeing and how to react to these kinds of actions, partially due to the raw alienness of them. and largely due to political correctness.

I speak of course of street prayers, where muslims from all over a given city will be instructed to go to a specific street and block traffic doing Islamic rituals, often under the pretense that there is not enough mosque space in that exact area and so some local building must be destroyed to make a new mosque or what have you.

At the end of the day it is meant to be simply a provocation to try and force a reaction from the host population so that the Muslims can exert their supremacy over all, and, if no one reacts to it then they win by the use of the tactic all on its own.

This by the way, started way back in the time of the pirate Mohamed who founded this religion. (looking for link still on this)

Now imagine a group of women walking in France with full burkas on, already something highly alien and tantamount to a bad Halloween costume in broad daylight in a park in France and not on a traditional day of wearing costumes. Then make two of them bright neon Orange. Then force people to not look at them or else be beaten by a bunch of muslim supremacist thugs.

In other words, dress in a way that is more to command attention than anything else, and subjugate all others so that you may not even look at this alien outrage. There can be no better definition of a dhimmi than that.

When we see people in burkas the correct response should in fact be to point and laugh. This is our culture. We have a right to find the alien and repugnant, alien and repugnant. Using the thin veneer of politeness and ‘anti-racism’, as if  a black or blue ghost costume could indeed be a race, we are expected to bow our heads with respect when they are near and not dare look.

I ask you to use your imaginations and look into the near future with that policy as a template.

Eeyore for Vlad.


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11 Replies to “A bad encounter with a bright orange burka”

  1. We should leave the niceties of civility and tolerance behind and deal with these people in the only way they understand……unswerving, direct. unmistakable brute force that rings with an irrevokable sense of permanence and finality.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Evidently one cannot carry weapons in France to defend themselves, least they injure or kill the perpetrators of these pre planned and calculated violent assaults and provocations. In many places in the US such behavior would be met with a good amount of resistance. As far as the inquiry or investigation goes don’t expect too much from the politically correct, shit scared and balless political class, who will again condemn such acts with the same useless lame lip service.

  3. Well in all fairness, the muslimas were probably pretty damn ugly. I’ve seen a lot of these ladies and the burqas really do make them easier to be around. I mean the last time I saw a middle eastern lady with out her cover, I threw up in my mouth.

  4. I wanted a new complete translation as I planned to write my own commentary for it. I did however, link to you as your site had it first, and frankly is an extremely important site everyone should check daily.

  5. @balthazar

    An armed society is a polite society. But there are exception to every rule. An armed Muslim or Arab soceity is a society in its death throws.

  6. “…Now imagine a group of women walking in France with full burkas on, already something highly alien and tantamount to a bad Halloween costume…”

    Manuel Valls , the French minister responsible (Ministre d’Interieur) has actually said the following in the wake of the present Ramadan riots in France: (I saw the video, but can’t find the link now):

    “The law” (2011 France passed a law which makes it illegal to wear the integral veil in public places, which is hardly ever enforced however) “has nothing to do with ISLAM, it is a law which only addresses the equality between men and women”. YES HE REALLY SAID THAT !!!

    He is “appeasing” the Muslims all the way, attending their Ramadan celebrations etc. Before his government came to power in May 2012, thanks to the muslim and the extreme left vote, he seemed to be the “strong man”, not afraid to address the overwhelming muslim problem in France. Now, under the claws of the powerful (virulently anti-white racist) Justice Minister, Christine Taubira, he has gone to water so much that the French speak of them as “the couple Valls-Taubira” and he is not the one “wearing the trousers” according to this caricature from my friends at Riposte Laique:


    Eyeore: thanks for the link to Islam versus Europe, excellent site which I had not come across before.

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