Stunning news report about islamic violence in Trappes France last night.

How is this not like reportage from a war zone? How is this not, in fact, a war zone? Thank you Bear for translating this clip and GoV for the rapid edit. Also, under this video, it appears that the authorities caved in to this tactic and released the muslim arrested for beating on a police officer.

Gallia Watch: Muslim released

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3 Replies to “Stunning news report about islamic violence in Trappes France last night.”

  1. Arabs/Blacks/Muslims issue of the “immigration” are now rioting and burning cars, buildings, etc. in France at least 3 times per year: New Year, French National Day 14.7. and during Ramadan. While tourists still have some nice space, this is becoming increasingly small, and eventually the Tourists will visit a country equal in “exotism” to Qatar, Egypt, Algeria… my heart aches for France, her dirty politicians and media being nothing more than pimps, using her as whore for islam.

  2. All of Europe is a war zone with low level asymmetric war being fought against the West, the problem is that the left wing governments are either counting on the Moslems to destroy the west or are afraid that if they come out and state that Islam is at war with the West they will lose their jobs.

  3. The law of the land trumps islams law from Mohammed. If your religion doesn’t conform to the laws of a peticular country, leave the country. The laws will not be changed for any religious custom. Maybe in the Middle East religion and state are a singular thing, but in the west they are separate and should remain as far away from each other as possible. So take it off or get out…period.

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