Links and news for July 14 2013 – 4

1. How many clues are in this article that might lead one to think that this murdering-cab-driver might be a muslim?

2. French woman in Oman puts koran pages on her feet and walks into mosque.








3. Mohamed of the new black panthers says Zimmerman is a no good Jew. Places $10,000 bounty on Mr. Zimmerman’s head.


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  1. 3/
    In Muslim countries it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If you’re on a blasphemy charge and you’re found guilty – you die. If you’re found innocent you also die due to vigilantism.
    Now it looks as if the same sort of thing might be occurring in the United States.

  2. Holy continuous function, Batman! More seriously; this one seems to be the latest…

    Iraq cities targeted in deadly bomb attacks (BBC, July 14, 2013)
    “A series of bomb attacks across Iraq on Sunday left at least 34 people dead, according to police and medics. As the sun set before the iftar meal, ending the day-long Ramadan fast, co-ordinated blasts in primarily Shia towns killed some 28 people. Earlier, bombings…”

  3. #2 Heat Stroke, Drunk, or dumb & hating Islam. If I had to live in an Islamic country I think Oman would be a good one. I think they are a better sort.Their school of Islam is milder or more tolerant.

    But after years of Salafi agitation I do not think any place is good any more. But this woman is not helping.

    #3 Mohammed of the Black Panthers puts a price in someone’s head and he is not arrested? To be fair to Eric Holder, not a lot of white establishment types would either. They would whistle as they walked past the graveyard, because they are coward.

    By not prosecuting Mohammed , Eric Holder is ensuring the Democrats get a lower percentage of the white vote on 2014 and 2016. People have to be reminded that Eric Holder does not see racism. His stance is that blacks do not have power and therefore they cannot be racist. That is his stance. It is wrong but there it is.

  4. The thing is, Red, that the average person will never see that New Black Panther guy making death threats live on the internet, so it will be as if it never happened and it won’t hurt the Democrats one little bit. That’s how everything works now. The mainstream media has the power to create or un-create reality at will. They control everything at this point. They even appoint the President of the United States now.

  5. @ Wrath

    That is bad news. The only people I want to see hurt in Iraq are Al Qaeda, Sadr, his militant followers and Iranian operatives. Those people all went after our people in the U.S. military.

  6. @ Chris

    I almost believe what you said. 99% of it anyway. You get get a liberal or the average person to admit that it is not good or not fair. but after several months and dozens of news cycles, they will forget.

  7. From this point on, I wager that George Zimmerman is going to spend an hour a day working out with that 9mm Kel Tek. If he as much as heads to the 7-11 he is going to find himself fighting for his life against the growing black lynch mob that will form the minute somebody bird-dogs him on the internet. George is fucked and Barrack Hussein Obama personally fucked him. And now Zimmerman has to start losing sleep over the Justice Departments threats to step on his double jeopardy rights and try him again, this time for “civil rights violations”. How ironic…

  8. @ chris

    All very true on all points. I have to think that Obama and company (read national level Democrats) will be losing more of the white vote.

  9. I think Zimmerman should mover to Peru. He might be safer. It might be dangerous for Mohammed to go to Peru and try to put the Peruvians on a guilt trip for being partially white. I don’t think it would work.

    In fact Zimmerman should go now. when Eric Holder says you need to come back for the civil rights charges he will be filing, Zimmerman can say, i am coming back.. He can further say he is not running from charges that he has beat and will beat again because they are fraudulent. he can say I am in exile because the president, Al Sharpton, and you , Eric holder) have de facto put a price on my life.

    With the Latin American newspapers carrying the story and then the international press lets see if Obama and the Democrats take a hit in polls and at the ballot box.

  10. – Red

    I didn’t think of that. Zimmerman needs to get out of Dodge immediately, and Peru sounds like a good idea. I don’t see how he can spend one more minute in the United States. Everybody knows his face, and there would appear to be a huge number of African Americans who would attack him on sight if they saw him on the street. He’s done. I hope he sues for hundreds-of-millions, starting with NBC, moving through Al Sharpton, and winding up at Holder and Hussein…

  11. I mentioned Peru because his mother is from there. He has relatives there and one would hope a support network. If he found a job, he would be free of the racists here in America. I think.

    I think that being a white-Hispanic would not be a problem or even a designation in Peru.

    Plus of the racists like Sharpton went to Peru to cause a ruckus… well it would drain their coffers and hopefully make them unwanted person south of the border.

  12. #2 note this post:
    “Something good I noticed out of a bad situation…no Muslim mistreated her for such an offensive deed. Testament to the true peaceful and forgiving nature which Islam teaches us.”

    She did this in Somalia she is going to be executed when she thought she was going to prison.

  13. Re #3 Where are these racist frauds and, pompous, blowhards, when day in and day out their ‘babies’ are gunning down and killing each other in Chicago, LA ,NYC, Newark, Camden ,Trenton,E. St. Louis.etc. etc? The body count is high and is growing every day, however not a peep out of these hypocrites, and the other race hustlers the ‘Revs’ Sharkton and Highjackson.

  14. i think white people should stand up and beat this fucking racist niggerscum off the streets.
    no more nice guy.
    they are the racist and facist!!

  15. @ Hans

    You draw no distinction between Walter E. Williams or Clarence Thomas and a member of the Black Panther party preaching violence?

    We are all mad about the reverse racism, but you are not helping.

  16. A group of the original ‘Black panthers’ got a bit too uppitey and back in the 60’s were met with a ‘lead shower’ during a police action. Naturally the leftist media followed with decades of propaganda laced documentaries, making them out to be ‘victims’. IMHO the DOJ will turn a blind eye towards this hate group an do nothing, while branding various non violent groups as ‘enemies of the state’.

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